Mel Blanc once shared his favorite cartoon of all time

Not only was it his favorite Looney Tune, but it featured his favorite character!

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Every animation fan has the cartoon they like best, but did you know that voice actors also like to play favorites? Mel Blanc was commonly known as The Man of One Thousand Voices, which is only a slight understatement. He's responsible for cartoon favorites like Bugs Bunny and Barney Rubble of The Flintstones

Blanc was able to provide a firsthand perspective of his legacy before his death, detailing his life and career in his memoir, That's Not All Folks! 

In the book, he was able to reveal his favorite cartoon of his entire, rather lengthy, filmography.

"'Birds Anonymous' stands as my all-time favorite cartoon," Blanc wrote.

You might remember the short "Birds Anonymous," which focuses on Sylvester attempting to curb his addiction to chasing sweet, small, Tweety Bird. Both Tweety and Sylvester the cat were voiced by Blanc, though he confessed that Sylvester was undoubtedly the easiest voice to perform.

Blanc wrote, "Sylvester has always been a favorite of mine. He's a great deal like Daffy: a perpetual fall guy with a near-identical voice. Daffy's is pitched up slightly, while Sylvester's is recorded at regular speed and sounds the closest to my natural way of speaking. He's always been the easiest character for me to play."

"Birds Anonymous" is actually one of the projects that earned Warner Brothers an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Originally, the award went home with Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer. Blanc had told Selzer that, were he to own an Oscar, he'd want the one awarded for his favorite short. Years later, Selzer hadn't forgotten Blanc's wish.

"When he did pass away a year or two later," said Blanc, "I received a phone call from his wife. She hadn't forgotten and insisted that I take the Birds Anonymous award. 'Eddie wanted you to have it, Mel.'"

"I will never forget Eddie's generosity."

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braycy 1 month ago
Was "Dafft" a typo? Miss the classic bugs bunny toons that were on weekdays, not a fan of woody pecker & popeye
bradyguy braycy 1 month ago
Ummm...ya think???
Highlands_Doc 1 month ago
There is no apostrophe (') in "Birds Anonymous." It's a plural, not a possessive.
Me and you should agree that your going to need less example's of that.
w_jobrien wanderer2575 1 month ago
Uhmm You and I...
kkvegas wanderer2575 1 month ago
Wonderful! You need a good grasp of grammar to fit so many purposeful mistakes into one sentence. I especially appreciate "less example's" in place of "fewer examples." Well done.
musicman37 kkvegas 1 month ago
I detest the use of "less" instead of the proper "fewer". I've heard it used in several commercials recently. Grammatical laziness benefits no one.
bradyguy musicman37 1 month ago
CONSTANTLY!! There's one that runs right now...I think it's about detergent...less these....less those... Just horrible. How can there only be a handful of us that learned/remember this correctly??
daleuhlmann 1 month ago
I've read Blanc's autobiography: very informative and entertaining.
Perhaps his funniest moment was on The Jack Benny Show when he played a Mexican
answering Benny's questions. Benny would ask if he was in Mexico, "si".
His sister's name? "Sue." Benny: "Sue?" "Si". Benny: "Your brother's name?"
"Cy." Benny: "Cy?" "Si." Reading it here via my clumsy recollection doesn't do
this bit justice, its fall on the floor funny. They recycled it for years on Jack's
radio show, verbatim, then on his TV show.
PSF65 MikefromJersey 1 month ago
This skit would have been one of the funniest verbal exchanges of all time between two brilliant comedy giants. It was simple but everytime I see it, it is just as funny as it was on the first time.
I am sorry, but comedians, and the list is almost endless who were around the 50-s and 60-s no longer exist.
Another brilliant voice on the Jack Benny Show was Frank Nelson, Mr Yeeeees.
How sad !!!!
I loved the toons where Jack Benny and Don Wilson would go back and forth about a jingle an Jack wasn't having it:
Don- "If you're feeling rather lucky,"
Jack- "Don......."
Don- "Daffy Duck or Donald ducky,"
Jack- "Don!"
Don-"and you thought you taw a puddy tat,"
Jack- "Don!"
Don- "there's just one thing to do for that"
Jack- "DON!"
Don- "Oh. what is it, Jack??"
Then a frustrated Jack Benny answers Don🤣
That bit tickled young me soooo much
MikefromJersey PSF65 1 month ago
Yes, Frank Nelson, all he had to do was turn around on a TV series he was guesting on
and before he could say "yesssss" the audience would laugh and clap.
Hi Al,
That was a classic routine, thank you for sharing it. Benny is still shown late at night,
I believe at 3:30 AM after Groucho on JLTV.
I assumed with it running so many years there would be a lot of episodes but somebody
told me it didn't run weekly, rather just once a month?
I guess it rotated with other shows but that seems odd to me.
By the way, am I the only one to think "The Horn Blows at Midnight" is actually funny?
When I was growing up Channel 5 in NYC ran it late every New Year's Eve.
bradyguy MikefromJersey 1 month ago
But would Blanc have been canceled today because he wasn't ACTUALLY Mexican??

Right alongside Bill (My name Jose Jimenez) Dana...?
Cherre 1 month ago
Mel will always be Bugs, Daffy, and Sylvester!
djw1120 Cherre 1 month ago
As "Bugs" would say: "What's up Doc?"
And as "Sylvester" and "Daffy" would say: "Sufferen' Succotash!" And of course, Sylvester and Daffy say it with a lisp.
justjeff 1 month ago
"He's a great deal like Dafft..." The only *dafft* characters are the MeTV writers.. It's "Daffy"... like your writing skills!🙄
kkvegas justjeff 1 month ago
When I first read it, I thought, Who's Dafft? Then I got it.
bradyguy justjeff 1 month ago
In fairness, that one is clearly a "typo" blame the editors, of complete lack thereof on the internet, for that one.

Trust me...I'm the first one to pick on bad writing....this wasn't necessarily that...
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
Nice story.
Yes, nice story about a nice man. I have never heard of anyone making even one negative comment in regards to Mel.
100 years from now his voice will still be heard on the Mars Colony with people tuning
in to "Bird's Anonymous". MeTV will still be rerunning "Mannix" there, plus Carol Burnett.
🤭 You are probably right.
Sway 1 month ago
Glad Mel liked that puddy cat
djw1120 Sway 1 month ago
Actually it's "Puddy *TAT*"
Tweety never said "Cat"
LewmanX djw1120 1 month ago
Actually that's not true. Tweety almost always says "puddy CAT". Only on very rare occasions did he say "puddy TAT"--I can recall only two occasions offhand. Rewatch several of the Tweety shorts and listen carefully.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
That was awesome of Eddie ❤️🙏
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