McDonald's is bringing back some spooky nostalgia for '80s kids

Are you choosing the McPunk'n, McBoo or McWitch?

UPDATE: Since the writing of this article, McDonalds has confirmed the October 18th release of the Halloween buckets. 

It's technically not fall yet, but that hasn't stopped everyone from eagerly looking forward to the spooky season. Halloween candy has already hit the shelves in many stores, those Halloween pop-up stores are moving in to empty storefronts and, oh yeah, we announced our monthlong monster mash with Svengoolie's Halloween BOOnanza.

It seems that McDonald's is getting in on the action too, but with a fun nostalgic treat.

While the company has not confirmed anything yet, a leaked ad and a picture posted by an employee of a promotional calendar shows McDonald's bringing back the fan-favorite Halloween Happy Meal buckets. If the leaked info is correct, we can expect to see these colorful toys starting October 18th through the 31st.

The buckets were first introduced in 1986 as McPunk'n, McBoo and McGoblin. Over the years, the buckets went through several design changes, including a cookie cutter built into the lid. In 1996, after a short hiatus the buckets returned with McDonalds characters like The Hamburglar or Grimace. Character tie-ins began to feature into the buckets and soon you could get a Scooby-Doo or Mr. Potato Head pumpkin pail to haul around your treats.

In 2016, the buckets vanished into the night, never to be seen again... until now.

The internet is already buzzing about the rumored return. Did you ever have a McDonald's Halloween pail? Will you be rushing to a McDonald's to get one?

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harlow1313 20 months ago
I once dressed in a sheet with a pillowcase over my head. I made a sign that said KKK. Imagine that. I think I understood the Klan to be considered bad, but likely did not understand the gravity. Thankfully, I never dressed as a Nazi and called on our Jewish neighbors.
RichLorn harlow1313 20 months ago
Make it alright by adding "-Mart" on the end and folks will just think you stutter.
Zip 20 months ago
Mcdonald's "food" is scary enough as it is. It doesn't need any help.
MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
Loved Hallowe’een. It was a big date on 5 the kid calendar. For weeks at school we would be beavering away making paper bats, ghosts, Jack o’lanterns, witches, etc. Costumes were pretty much all homemade. We used a pillowcase for our loot. My Dad would set off fireworks in the front yard. Good times. Not sure why so many parents are against it these days.
harlow1313 MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
I could be wrong, but I believe it is because we are now a fearful and mistrusting society. Modern news and social media steadily beat the drum of things to fear.
MrsPhilHarris harlow1313 20 months ago
It’s tragic. Sad. Too many nonsensical stories start and get legs. For some bizarre reason people believe it.
JHP 20 months ago
love the big mac (because its a burger but not:))

the rest of the menu is SCARY:)
Pacificsun 20 months ago
I don't know if it was only McDonald's buckets which disappeared, because it seemed like you could always find one at a large (to remain nameless) multi-variety all purpose big box store. So this "might" of had to do with schools which began de-emphasizing Halloween in a school community setting. Because some criticized (essentially) a pagan tradition devoted to a holiday, which in some cultures was against the idea of 𝒂𝒏𝒚 holiday celebrations. McDonalds might've been trying to remain neutral, just as a famous national coffee chain dropped any hint of holiday on their (yes) holiday cups. I guess snowflakes were the only acceptable image allowed for Winter.
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Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
One comment above said school is about learning.

To our point, we learned such things in school as tolerance and acceptance and graciousness and respect and inclusiveness. But never to be offended by anything. A tough lesson to learn, but part of reality, were the kids who circulated invitations to birthday parties, to particular students but not everyone. Parents today would gag at the thought of that. And probably try to fire school administrators. But we learned that the world was not all about "us" and that people make choices, which they have every right to do. And, as a result, to develop genuine confidence in ourselves for reasons unto themselves.

What's changed the tide is social media. A blessing and a curse, all in one. But has created a "me" centric society.
LoveMETV22 MrsPhilHarris 20 months ago
You said it all in your first sentence. "Times changed." Back in the day we all dressed up for Halloween, we made boxes for Valentines Day, paper chains to decorate the room for Christmas, end of the year celebrations, and various celebrations throughout the year. I have to agree with
Pacificsun some what on the social or society part. Not all the media, but they do have a part.
Society has changed. There maybe some good from it, however what is missing and probably can't or won't change is " the way it used to be " Sadly.
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 20 months ago
So very true.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 20 months ago
I can remember doing all that too. It was fun. Sounds like today it’s all a about learning and no fun. Sad really.
DethBiz 20 months ago
8 more days till Hall-O-Ween, Hall-O-Ween, Hall-O-Ween. 8 more days till Hall-o-Ween...Silver Shamrock.
JHP DethBiz 20 months ago
its all about the mighty dollar - go in stores - they got XMAS stuff up already - so much for the spirit of the holiday
KJExpress DethBiz 20 months ago
That little ditty just gave me chills. 😱
Pacificsun JHP 20 months ago
There used to be a movement (long ago) which rebelled at the idea of posting Christmas before Thanksgiving. It worked for awhile as customers were convinced to avoid those kinds of stores. And sure enough, merchants hid their Christmas wares under the counter, until the clock struck twelve. In in only 24 hours, the stores were transformed into Christmas magic. (Only in the eye of the beholder, of course).
JHP Pacificsun 20 months ago
i kind of remember that:)
Rob 20 months ago
I never had one. I was 17 in 1986 and had other things on my mind, but I love everything retro, especially from the 80’s!
Pacificsun Rob 20 months ago
Don't you use this comment in response to several Threads.
KawiVulc 20 months ago
Haven't eaten McCrap in decades... the buckets are cute though.
Jeffrey 20 months ago
No, I never had a McDonald's Halloween Bucket, But I would like one now. If they're bringing them back, & if I can get there to buy a Happy Meal, if the local McD's have the buckets.
harlow1313 20 months ago
Well, I might could see a young child getting a short-lived bang out of this plastic McCrap.
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Pacificsun Michael 20 months ago
I once made a costume of "Cousin ITT" before the days with access to faux fur or much costuming. In those days, Halloween was a one-day affair, nothing like today's month long celebration. I had to use long strips of newspaper, stapled to a very long vest. After a day's worth of effort, my dad wouldn't let me go Trick or Treating, because he thought the costume was a fire-hazard. I never forgave him for that. Long-live today's Fire Retardant material.
Mirramanee Pacificsun 20 months ago
That's terrible! I would have let you go out in it (at least for a short time). Did you at least take a picture wearing it? It must have looked great!
Pacificsun Mirramanee 20 months ago
I have a perfect picture of it ... in my mind. And could recreate it if I had to.

You need to understand his decision in context though. First I was young. Second, everyone in that decade was nearly a chain smoker. Cigarettes and ashtrays everywhere. My dad and their friends frequented a neighborhood bar. So, he saw the combustible aspect of all that newspaper covering me up. He also had a weird obsession about fire anyway. But because he'd never gone Trick or Treating himself, he didn't appreciate the idea that it was 𝒐𝒖𝒕𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆 in the neighborhood, running up and down people's stairs for candy. And finally, that at age 12 we were NOT going to be stopping into the local Bar. He was more than a half century older than myself. And I don't think he ever did have a 𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙙. But he has lived on in my memories for decades. 😉

Hope that helps answer your question!
bdettlingmetv Michael 20 months ago
How fun! I also dressed up as a resistance fighter (in my case more from Hogan's Heroes than GI Joe). Had a dark blue turtleneck, black trousers, and a woolen beret my mom picked up somewhere. She also used her mascara and colored in a tidy mustache on my peachfuzz. I spoke with a silly guttural accent and at the houses asked if they'd seen any sign of "those lovely French Resistance girls- heh, heh-heh heh-heh"
Mac2Nite 20 months ago
I will DEFINTELY get a set!! I only hope it's true! I just printed a miniature set of them using my 3-D printer and it made me extremely nostalgic for the ones my daughters had in the 80's. Why I didn't save them I have no idea because I'm an all-out Hallowenaholic and save everything Halloween!
Runeshaper Mac2Nite 20 months ago
They look GREAT! Excellent 3-D printing skills (-:
Jeffrey Mac2Nite 20 months ago
The Book of Shadows, eh? From Charmed? The original one, not the remake or reboot if you will.
Peter_Falk_Fan Mac2Nite 20 months ago
Yep, we have the calendar marked already. We had a few of those orange buckets. One of the buckets had a bat handle. The kids would store their toys in them.
LoveMETV22 20 months ago
I'll wait for the leak to be confirmed. Then I'll run out to get and get a " Halloween Happy Meal bucket",
with McLarry, McShemp and McMoe.
Runeshaper LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Sounds like a FANTASTIC adventure!
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 20 months ago
I don't even 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 The Three Stooges. And yet I laughed out loud 𝙖𝙜𝙖𝙞𝙣!!
Michael LoveMETV22 20 months ago
I'm waiting for the version where Fred McMurray plays the father, "My Three Stooges"
Michael 20 months ago
A Big Mac is scary enough.

Maybe it's time to bring back HR Pufnstuf.
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Pacificsun LoveMETV22 20 months ago
They could be like "sliders," a couple of bites and that's enough. It's about the (not so) secret sauce anyway.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 20 months ago
LOL: Special Sauce. Just a tweaked form of Salad dressing. I'm sure they don't publish the actual recipe, but one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist ( quick analogy LOL) to make their own.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Miracle Whip to be precise.

Worked my way through college with a McD PT job.
LoveMETV22 Michael 20 months ago
" Maybe it's time to bring back HR Pufnstuf."
Or one of the McDonald's Mascots. LOL
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