Mama's Family secretly promoted MeTV all the way back in 1983

You viewers sure have a sharp eye for details!

The most fascinating little details turn up in classic TV shows. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot tiny gaffes, interesting props and personal touches from the creators. Thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer named J.R. from Portland, Oregon, we have now discovered MeTV in one of our sitcoms. It made our day!

In the second-season Mama's Family episode "Naomi and the Stork," Thelma sits in a waiting room between two women. The local Raytowners flip through a couple magazines. The lady on the right holds a periodical with a title that read "meTV." Hey, neato!

Of course, we did not exist as a network when that first aired on October 27, 1983. That got us wondering — what magazine is that exactly?

Well, it appears to be the July 1983 issue of Daytime TV, a soap opera magazine you might have found at a grocery store checkout. 

Okay, so it wasn't a subtly placed advertisement for MeTV, but we are tickled nonetheless. Thanks, J.R.!

If you spot something interesting in a MeTV show, send it our way!

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