Look for a Svengoolie shoutout in ''Late Night with the Devil''

A line in the movie mentions... BERWYN?!?!?!

The horror movie Late Night with the Devil features a very intentional Svengoolie reference, thanks to actor and Sven fan David Dastmalchian.

Dastmalchian is steadily racking up an incredible horror résumé, with standout starring roles in genre films like The Last Voyage of the Demeter and the Stephen King adaptation The Boogeyman. In addition, he's played supporting characters in an equally impressive string of superhero hits like The Dark Knight, Ant-Man, and The Suicide Squad

Fans of hilarious horror hosts might remember David Dastmalchian's appearance on Svengoolie when the actor sat down in the dungeon to discuss his love of classic scary movies like William Castle's The Tingler. Dastmalchian also cited horror legends like Lon Chaney, Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price as crucial to his childhood fandom.

However, it was another horror legend — and one who is very near and dear to us here at MeTV — who gets an Easter Egg reference in the 2023 Dastmalchian-starring Late Night with the Devil

The movie features a nod to Svengoolie, but not in name. While anyone could surely work "Svengoolie" into a movie, Dastmalchian is a super fan and dug a little deeper than a simple name-drop.

While the glitzier and more glamorous TV hosts of yesteryear broadcasted from beautiful downtown Burbank, our Master of Scare-emonies constantly pokes fun at Berwyn!

That's why Late Night with the Devil features dialogue that mentions the very same Illinois suburb. 

Dastmalchian mentions the mention in a March, 2024 interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

"I was absolutely responsible for the shout-out to Berwyn, Illinois, which those in the know will recognize as a nod to the home of Svengoolie, late night host of Chicago fame."

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Suzies1952 3 months ago
Trilogy of terror is on end of April!, if you bother to look at the whole schedule for April? It’s showing too many times, didn’t watch it the last time because it showed a few weeks earlier?, show other movies won’t watch it again don’t like that movie anyways!, it’s too stupid
Suzies1952 3 months ago
Trilogy of terror on again?, come on so many great movies to show why this one again?, been on twice recently????
SteveMcQueen99 Suzies1952 3 months ago
No, this week is "The Time Travelers"! Enjoy!
musicman37 3 months ago
I'm so tired of putting up with 2-1/2 hours of stupidity just to watch a 70 minute movie. Consider me tuning OUT on Saturday nights.
Runeshaper 3 months ago
That's very cool of David Dastmalchian and way to go, Svengoolie!
Wolfie 3 months ago
Late Night With The Devil - please go see it at your local Cinema / please watch it once it premieres on Shudder Channel / please purchase the home media (great movie reminded me of an Episode for Night Gallery and Kolchak!) 😀
WGH 3 months ago
This is a neat fact, not an entire story.
Rick 3 months ago
What can Svengoolie say when the line comes up!? He can't say, "no, not Berwyn, ___ ."

I'm so filled with suspense at this!
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