Ken Osmond once called Eddie Haskell ''insecure''

"He has to be big in the eyes of his peers."

We all have to deal with bouts of insecurity, even our favorite fictional characters. Okay, "favorite" may be an exaggeration describing viewers' feelings toward a character like Eddie Haskell, but despite his two-faced behavior, at the very least, Eddie Haskell is a character we love to hate.

At any rate, someone who's done a lot of thinking about Eddie Haskell decided to speak up on his behalf, and that someone is Ken Osmond himself.

Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell for years as a child and again as an adult when he costarred in Still the Beaver, said that he believed there was a reason as to why Eddie behaved the way he did, even after he grew up. Speaking to the Park City Daily News, Osmond reasoned, "He's very insecure. That accounts for his phoniness."

He continued, "He had to be a big shot and know the answer to every problem. He has to be big in the eyes of his peers."

However, Osmond argued that Eddie's "true self" was actually much nicer than the snot-nosed facade he typically let on in front of others. The actor even cited an episode from a previous episode of Leave It to Beaver.

Osmond said, "It didn't happen often. Wally and I go to a party. Beaver had destroyed Wally's suit, so I convince Wally to wear a sport coat to get Beaver out of a jam. Once in a while he was nice."

It's the classic lesson of "Don't judge a book by its cover" that Osmond actually feels is applicable to Leave It to Beaver as a series.

In an interview with the Garnett News, Osmond said of the series, "How it survived all this time is always amazing to me. There were many shows that outranked us in the ratings, but...Beaver had one very unique item about it. Every other sitcom had funny lines. Beaver never had funny lines, they were funny situations. Everything we went through as a child, every child does."

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JHP 5 months ago
1st of all

Cant anyone imagine Leave it to Beaver in todays show lineup?
I think Wally and the Beav would have to join Hell's Angels to make it interesting
Also that pic - it sure looks like Andy's house
Bapa1 5 months ago
Ken Osmond was great in that role.
Andybandit 5 months ago
Eddie was one of my favorites on LITB.
harlow1313 5 months ago
The Eddie Haskell character was permitted some admirable qualities. Not so for poor Frank Burns, who was given none.
teire 5 months ago
Love the jacket episode, that and the big fish count are my favorite Eddie episodes.
FrankensteinLover 5 months ago
One of my favorite shows and Eddie was hilarious.
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