It took hard work as an actor for Alan Alda to make his family a priority

"Life seems to be a lot more fun if you have a purpose."

Even with the best of intentions, no one is perfect at capturing a perfect work/home life balance. It's something that everyone struggles with, even someone like Alan Alda. In addition to a vibrant and successful career in the arts, Alda also has a wife, Arlene Weiss, and three children.

Alda spoke with the Boca Raton News and revealed that there had been times in his life when he became so focused on his career that his personal life was forced to the backseat. He said, "I admit, there have been times when I've worked too much, too hard, especially during the We'll Get By period. For long stretches, weeks at a time, the only contact I had with my family was by phone."

Alda also offered an interesting insight that helped him reshape his view. He said, "I finally realized how absurd it was to be writing and co-producing a show about family solidarity while I was neglecting my own family. It was really ironic."

He said that later, he was more mindful about keeping what truly mattered at the forefront of his mind, and his life. He stated, "For a while, they [opportunities] all looked so attractive that it was hard to see what I really cared about. But I'm a lot better now than I used to be."

So involved in his family life was Alda that he is well known for his decision to travel back home to his family in New Jersey when he was finished shooting M*A*S*H. It's a mindset that has not only improved his family life but has undoubtedly improved his mindset as a whole. It's also something that seems to be reflected throughout Alda's life, not just in this singular aspect.

During an interview with The Washington Post, he said of his wife, Arlene, "I was thinking the other day she's the soul of my soul because I wouldn't be who I am without her."

He later continued, "Life seems to be a lot more fun if you have a purpose," with Alda arguing that his purpose was "to be helpful, where I can."

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