Household tips from M*A*S*H's Gary Burghoff

Radar himself provided these homestead hints to the Los Angeles Times.

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The actor who played Radar O'Reilly was a Renaissance man. Gary Burghoff was famous for his acting career, sure, but he did so many other things as well. He was a musician, a passionate ornithologist, a painter, and above all else, he was a family man

While he'll always be remembered as M*A*S*H's Radar O'Reilly, we believe that the quieter moments in Burghoff's life pointed to the man he really was.

In 1975, Burghoff, a noted homebody, provided some "Household Hints" in the Los Angeles Times to help out folks around the nation. Here is a selection of the helpful tips and tricks to get your house into tiptop shape, just like the 4077th:

"Service projects are good ways for teenagers to raise money. Summer projects might focus on car and window washing, lawn care, and household cleaning."

"Your rugs and carpets will last longer if you vacuum heavy traffic areas often to remove coarse particles that cause wear when they are allowed to accumulate and grind into the fabric." 

"Baking soda is an ideal cleaner for natural wood butcher blocks, countertops, and cutting boards. It deodorizes as it cleans and does not leave a bad-tasting residue." 

"Film bought at a bargain shortly before its expiration date can be kept fresh in the freezer. Wrap in food wrap and use as needed."

(We're not really sure how relevant that last one still is. The rest, though, are timeless.)

"To prevent spoilage of greens during storage, clean and dry them before putting them in the refrigerator crisper. Wrapping in paper towels in the crisper also helps absorb excess moisture." 

"Greens should be torn into bite-size pieces, not cut with a knife. Cutting can bruise the tender leaves."

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