Here's why Jerry Mathers wasn't happy with the film ''Still the Beaver''

Mathers didn't like to see Beaver taking his frustrations sitting down.

Even if you're great at your job, there are probably more than a few projects of yours that you're less than proud of. It doesn't necessarily speak to your lack of talent or care; it just means that looking back at your career, you're willing to acknowledge your shortcomings.

Even Jerry Mathers, well known for playing the quirky character of your childhood memories, the Beav, doesn't look back fondly at every one of his projects as an adult. According to an interview with the Hickory Daily Record, Mathers revealed that there was one Beaver iteration that he wasn't thrilled about: The CBS movie, Still the Beaver.

Mathers was able to explain his issue with the series, insinuating that the film didn't feel true to the personality and character that he believed Beaver to have. "The writing was weak, and Beaver was giving up as the world fell apart around him."

There was one good thing about the film; it led to a spinoff series starring Mathers and many of the original Leave it to Beaver cast members. The series shared the same name as the film, but Mathers was clear that was where the similarities ended, and seemed to prefer the direction the spinoff had taken with the characters.

He said, "On the new shows, Beaver still has the same old problems, but he's a lot stronger."

For Mathers, the appeal of his character was grounded in the authenticity of Theodore Cleaver, which he felt had been a priority since the original series aired all those years ago. He stated, "The things that happened to Beaver stemmed from real life; they could — and did — happen to any kid. Our writers had nine children between them, so they made Beaver suffer from the same problems their kids suffered from." Speaking of the popularity of Leave it to Beaver, Mathers observed, "It's like a cult."

So while Mathers wasn't particularly proud of Still the Beaver, that doesn't mean we'd be better off without it. Our failures allow us to solidify our determination and work twice as hard when offered the next opportunity in order to ensure it'll be a good one.

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Pacario 15 days ago
Still the Beaver did seem to miss the point of the original show, but without Ward, perhaps it was doomed to have no soul.

A website called Lost Nostalgia actually did an interesting retrospective on the movie, and I recommend checking it out. It points out the film's many failings along with some good moments, too.
QazWiz 6 months ago
STILL BEAVER should have transformed into his dad, Ward Cleaver, even having a national hunt for "the new Beaver"... Dow as good uncle with the cop becoming a "devil on the beavers shoulder" pushing the angelic imp that Dow knew isn't real. "Uncle Eddie" shouldn't be believed...

but instead they killed Beaver's spirit
Runeshaper 6 months ago
I’m glad he came out ahead 🙂
dennydenco 6 months ago
Would be kind of fun if MeTV could source and run the new LITB series. Guess it depends on who currently owns the show.
CoreyC dennydenco 6 months ago
The New LITB was a Disney property.
QazWiz CoreyC 6 months ago
so then pushing an Alphabet Agenda \-:
GOOSEYGOOSE9 6 months ago
Beaver’s partner in prank Larry mondello.
LoveMETV22 GOOSEYGOOSE9 6 months ago
Beaver had many partner's in prank.
Not just Larry. Also Gilbert, Richard and a few others. However thank you for your contribution
LoveMETV22 6 months ago
Thank You MeTV Staff for your Stories(Articles), and Quizzes. They are much appreciated!
"Leave it to Beaver" is an enjoyed series on your schedule. Hope it remains part of your scheduled shows (M-F) and the two episodes shown on Sunday's as well.
Bapa1 6 months ago
Me TV should show that tv movie. And the rebooted series.
Pacario Bapa1 15 days ago
Yeah, that's an excellent idea. I mentioned the website Lost Nostalgia above, and it wonders the same thing about the movie and show: why can't they be found anywhere, TV or DVD? (YouTube does have all the episodes, though, thanks to a saintly fan who uploaded them all.)
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