Here's some free love advice from Ward Cleaver

Paging Love Doctor Cleaver, you're needed.

Love is a very grand and complicated thing, and you could live one hundred years without learning a single thing about it if you're not willing. The good news is, that people are often very eager to give advice about things like love and marriage, and the best possible way for you to become lucky in love is by taking the advice of those more qualified than you.

Because of this, we're giving you some first-rate marriage advice, courtesy of the love doctor himself, Ward Cleaver. Now granted, you might not have watched a show like Leave It to Beaver and pictured Mr. Cleaver as some kind of Casanova, but one thing is for sure: That man has got to be doing something right if he scored a woman as wonderful as June Cleaver. So, if he's offering up any kind of advice, we're sure eager to take it.

This analysis of June and Ward's relationship comes from Hugh Beaumont, who's about as close to the real Ward Cleaver as we can ever hope to get. In an interview with The Morning Call, Beaumont expressed, "Ward's relationship with his wife, June is the kind I like and personally work at. It's a good marriage."

He continued, "A lot of your time must necessarily be devoted to your children, and husbands and wives can't spend as much time together as they did when they were first married. But in lasting and satisfying marriages, the parents plan things so they can have more time with each other and talk about adult subjects. When the kids are around, happy couples can communicate in the midst of a small boy's bedlam with a glance or fleeting expression."

So for Beaumont, mutual respect and shared time were key factors in any good relationship, and that's relationship advice you can snag whether you're a Cleaver or just some regular Joe.

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