Harry Morgan's wife sacrificed her Broadway career for his success

The true story of Eileen and Harry Morgan.

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As Col. Potter, Harry Morgan spent a lot of his time on M*A*S*H pining for his wife back home. Morgan was so believable in that role, especially when expressing that side of Potter. There was something unfakeable in his devotion to his decades-long love. As it turns out, Morgan was lucky enough to have experienced a 45-year-long marriage to his wife Eileen.

"I'm sure I know why Harry married me," Mrs. Morgan told the Waco Tribune-Herald in 1941. "I laughed wildly at everything he said, I was a perfect audience.

"When we married, we both were performing in plays on Broadway. I thought Harry was the funniest man I'd ever met." Laughter may have been the key to longevity. By the time she spoke on that matter in '61, Eileen had been married to her husband Harry for twenty-one years. Together, they had four sons.

"I was fascinated with Harry from the first time we met," said Eileen. "I gave up my career after we married and then, about 19 years ago we drove to California from New York." 

While Eileen ultimately gave up her career in order to raise her family, she wasn't alone in matters of the home. 

"Harry is just wonderful at home," she said. "He's the best housekeeper I ever saw. He cooks beautifully, too. He enjoys things so much that I guess that is why he is so good at them. Like acting. Harry loves it and I'm sure that is why he has been successful."

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TheBigGuyjoebiden 8 months ago
Loved the character. Sad he was arrested for beating his wife in his old age.
LoveMETV22 8 months ago
I like the Don Adams impersonation Harry Morgan does in the "On Now MeTV Presents" that runs with the article.
MrsPhilHarris 8 months ago
I heard that the photo of Mildred (I believe her name was) that Col Potter had on his desk was his real life wife.
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