Go ''Back to School with Me'' with special academic episodes Sunday, August 27!

Bid goodbye to carefree summer days with a full day of shows featuring classrooms, sports, tests and teachers!

Grab your pencils and pack your lunch for this full day event reliving all the fun of the going back to school, from first class to graduation. And don’t forget your homework! Make the end of summer a little easier with a full day of episodes about learning, teachers, sports and all things back-to-school on MeTV. It all starts Sunday, August 27 at 9A | 8C!

9A | 8C: Saved By The Bell: "The Last Weekend" — It's the last day at the beach resort and Zack and Stacy are hoping to spend it together. Carosi, however, doesn't approve of their romance. Meanwhile, a secret admirer is sending Slater love letters.

9:30A | 8:30C: Saved By The Bell: "The Fight" — Zach and Slater might turn back into rivals when they fall for a new girl from Idaho. Who'll be the one to have a date with her?

10A | 9C: The Flintstones: "Flintstone of Prinstone" — Fred attends night classes and is drafted to be a quarterback on the school football team.

10:30A | 9:30C: The Flintstones: "The Bowling Ballet" —Fred secretly becomes a ballet pupil in order to regain his form for a big bowling match 

11A | 10C:The Flintstones: "High School Fred" — Wilma thinks Fred is about to be promoted when Mr. Slate sends Fred to school for two weeks.

11:30A | 10:30C: The Jetsons: "Elroy's Mob" — Elroy brings home the wrong report card by mistake, angering his father, which causes Elroy to run away with Astro.

12P | 11C: The Brady Bunch: "Today, I am a Freshman" —It's the beginning of another school year, and Marcia panics about becoming a freshman, going as far as pretending to be sick. However, after Mike and Carol see through her act, they insist she'd enjoy school if she were involved in extracurricular activities. Marcia then proceeds to join every group or club available. Meanwhile, Peter tries to build a model volcano on the patio. 

12:30P | 11:30C: The Brady Bunch: "Getting Greg's Goat" — After he and his teammates swipe a rival school's mascot in retaliation for theirs being stolen first, Greg is tasked with watching Raquel, a goat. Things get out of control when Raquel proves to be hard to handle, easy to feed and not easy to catch.

1P | 12C: Leave It to Beaver: "Wally's Test" — An upcoming test in history, Wally's weakest subject, has Wally studying all weekend and has Larry and Eddie coming up with a plan that will give them good grades on the test.

1:30P | 12:30C: Leave It to Beaver: "Beaver's I.Q." — After learning that he's going to be taking an I.Q. test, Beaver hits the books, scared after his friends tell him that if he doesn't pass he will be sent to "dumb school."

2P | 1C: The Beverly Hillbillies: "Jethro Goes to School" — Jethro announces that Pearl has sent the family a letter. In this letter, Pearl says how she hopes her son is doing well in school. Jed realizes that Jethro should be in the fifth grade and tells him they have to find a school that day. While driving around Beverly Hills, they stop at the first school they see, Mrs. Potts’ exclusive private school.

2:30P | 1:30C: The Beverly Hillbillies: "Jethro's Graduation" — Jethro is very excited about graduating from the sixth grade. But in order to prevent embarrassment, Mrs. Potts gets help from Drysdale and Diana to get Jethro to miss his sixth grade graduation. She schemes to turn Jed and Jethro’s watches back 45 minutes. 

3P | 2C: Gilligan's Island: "The Friendly Physician" — A mad scientist lands on the island and takes the castaways to his castle to perform strange experiments on them. Soon they are locked in a dungeon and trapped in the wrong bodies.

3:30P | 2:30C: Gilligan's Island: "A Man With a Net" — Lord Beasley Waterford, a famous butterfly collector, lands on the island searching for the world's rarest butterfly, the pussycat swallowtail.

4P | 3C: Mama's Family: "Mama Learns to Drive" — Fed up with having to chauffeur Mama all over town, the family decides to teach her to drive. But when Mama finally gets her license, the family is too afraid to let her use their cars!

4:30P | 3:30C: Mama's Family: "Educating Mama" — When Bubba enrolls in night school, the family convinces Mama to join him and earn her high school equivalency diploma.

5P | 4C: The Love Boat: "Isaac's Teacher" — Isaac hides from his high-school teacher; a man tries to please his seal; a wife who thinks she's dying wants to choose her successor.

6P | 5C: The Andy Griffith Show: "The Education of Ernest T. Bass" — Ernest T. is back in Mayberry to get his diploma. He is so determined that Andy convinces Helen to allow him to attend class, but Ernest T. isn't exactly classroom material.

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Bettyjo 9 months ago
Thanks for the classic shows I'm 65 years old and I am going to watch all them shows they all where my favorite and always will be 🙂
JeffPaul76 9 months ago
Well, I won't be watching most of these shows, except "Gilligan's Island, and "The Beverly Hillbillies".
mrparkhill 9 months ago
I wish the theme carried into nighttime for the “Twilight Zone” time slot. It would be fitting to air “Changing of the Guard” S03 E37, starring Donald Pleasence- it is a beautiful, thought provoking installment.
tootsieg mrparkhill 9 months ago
Very good episode.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
Grew up with Saved By The Bell!
dazeofwine 9 months ago
Fred Flintstone is fat and out of shape. Why does it always have to be a quarterback? There are 10 other guys in the field you know. Fred looks like you could make up half of the offensive line.
GioLovesMash 9 months ago
baldi go to metv to ask to get this... LOL
Coldnorth GioLovesMash 9 months ago
Looks like my first boyfriend. 🤪🤪🤪
OHC 9 months ago
Bring the color episodes of the Andy Griffith show on
LoveMETV22 9 months ago
Looks like some fun episodes. Guess Gilligan's Island is a tough one for specific academic content.
Although: "Goodbye, Old Paint"- with Gilligan giving painting lessons, (Art).
"Castaways Pictures Presents"- The Professor comes up with the idea to make a film, (Drama).
May have been contenders. LOL!
Curious if there will be a Fall Schedule Announcement after this "'Back to School with Me''block?
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bmoore4026 raddad 9 months ago
Yes. Finally. Some kindreds. To paraphrase The Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) from the Marvel movies, comics, and shows: "No More Alan Alda". Yes. I have become a little unhinged over this two hours of MASH thing. I'm not too thrilled about it on Sundays either. How 'bout Magnum P.I.? Would anyone like Magnum P.I.? And how 'bout switching out Kolchak with Knight Rider?
Bricat2001 bmoore4026 9 months ago
i think knight rider is on charge still(havent checked since its been awhile since i watched the channel :P) i do agree that METV needs to cut back on M*A*S*H, i also think that they should remove ITHOTN, maybe Magnum could fit on that time slot as a replacement? for SSSN they could put the outer limits or twin peaks on their.
Moverfan bmoore4026 9 months ago
I like Magnum PI...I like to look at Magnum, PI...oh, my, do I like to look at...oh, you mean the series, not the character himself? Oh, I am sorry (hello, Thomas...)
Coldnorth Moverfan 9 months ago
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