Gavin MacLeod addresses rumors that the ''Love Boat'' cast didn't get along

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Nothing sells newspapers like discontent. While the rumor mill churns out new stories endlessly, the negative ones are typically the most attention-grabbing. While we all think we're above the muckraking tactics of exploitative news rags, the numbers don't lie. Historically, stories have sold more when they cast their subjects in a negative light.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of television. Millions of magazines and newspapers have been sold based on the value of behind-the-scenes drama. It's because we become so close to the characters in long-running shows. When a TV series reaches that fourth season, we've invested so much time with its characters that we develop a parasocial relationship with the actors. Then, when we see headlines about whether they get along with their cast members, we just have to know the details.

At this phenomenon's forefront are tabloids like National Enquirer, which profit from publishing shocking stories about well-known celebrities. Whether those stories are true or not seems secondary to the "bombshell"-style presentation. 

In 1981, the tabloids were ablaze with rumors about The Love Boat, with cast members reportedly not getting along during production. In his book Back On Course, the series' lead, Gavin MacLeod, addressed the rumors some years later, clearing up any confusion about the true story.

"In April, the National Enquirer ran an article on how The Love Boat cast had been squabbling over getting better lines and bigger parts. These articles usually used expressions like, 'According to insiders' and 'One source has said' and 'A behind-the-scenes person adds...' I was credited as being the peacemaker in all skirmishes and was purported to be giving speeches to convince the cast members to appreciate all the blessings the show had brought them."

While MacLeod contends that some cast members may have been unhappy with their storylines, he maintained that they never resorted to in-fighting.

"Actually, the cast was extremely professional and got along quite well, considering none of us were playing really showy roles."

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Runeshaper 27 days ago
I do not trust any of those types of magazines.
justjeff 27 days ago
What a "non-story" here.... Yawn! 🙄
Bapa1 27 days ago
Maybe they were arguing over the quality of the scripts.
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