For those who say that ''All in the Family'' would never be made today — Carroll O'Connor agrees with you

An opinion from Archie Bunker himself.

All in the Family was ahead of its time when it first premiered in 1971. However, long-standing fans who still tune in to watch the series today love the show because it was the first of its kind to push boundaries in a television program. But some viewers seem to believe that there will also never be another show like All in the Family again.

Sure, arguments have been made in previous decades that a show like All in the Family deserves a reboot, but no network has ever taken a creator up on it. The closest we've come is ABC's Live in Front of a Studio Audience, where famous actors reunited to recreate episodes of All in the Family.

While some fans saw it as a welcome surprise to see the Bunker family on their screens again, there's another camp of fans securely in the "Don't even think about it" category when it comes to an All in the Family reboot. In fact, given the subject matter that the series tackled, there's even some debate over whether a reboot would get an honest and fair depiction, true to the frankness that made the original series so special.

For those in that camp, you're in good company. According to an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Carroll O'Connor explained his personal belief that All in the Family could never be made in the present day — with the present day of the interview being 1977 when All in the Family was still on the air. O'Connor said, "I think the people who say you could not start an All in the Family today because of network caution are absolutely right."

He also explained that not only were television's standards for new series becoming stricter, but the rules also applied to existing series like All in the Family. O'Connor complained about an influx of censorship from the higher-ups of the series who were attempting to sanitize the show. 

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WordsmithWorks 3 months ago
The very things that made All In The Family successful -- frankness, honesty and forthrightness -- would never fly today. All the pearl clutching would be deafening and any reboot would end up being a sanitized mess.
Runeshaper 3 months ago
The boundaries today are already pushed so far on TV that if a reboot of All in the Family were made, I'd be afraid about how much further the creators and writers would have to go in order to acquire and retain a loyal audience.
15inchBlackandWhite 3 months ago
Most 70's shows could not be made today. Sanford and Son? Too many stereotypes. Three's Company?
Too sexist. The Bob Newhart Show? The mental health advocacy groups would go berzerk.
Andybandit 3 months ago
There is only one Archie Bunker, and that is Carroll O'Connor.
JeffPaul76 3 months ago
I disagree with Carroll O'Connor that "All In The Family couldn't be made today, in 2024. And I watched and liked ABC's "Live in Front of a Studio Audience", what there was of it that is. Well he's dead so he can't complain about it, if somebody tries to make a reboot, I like remake better.
Wiseguy70005 JeffPaul76 3 months ago
Whether you like remakes isn't the point. The series couldn't be made today. Certain words can't be said today. Even rerun episodes of The Jeffersons and M*A*S*H are censored due to current restrictons.
Coldnorth Wiseguy70005 3 months ago
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Coldnorth Wiseguy70005 3 months ago
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BradBeall Coldnorth 3 months ago
My ringtone used to be Frank Zappa's "Broken Hearts Are For A55holes". Probably couldn't get away with that anymore, either.
MaryAnn Coldnorth 3 months ago
Yeah, that would piss me off! Coolest and most iconic part of the song. 😉
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