Eva Gabor once studied under a Columbia professor to get rid of her accent

"Forever I have to prove that I'm an actress and a good one."

It's a strange irony that the things that we seem to dislike about ourselves are the things that set us apart and make us special. 

When you think of an actress like Eva Gabor already known for her elegance and glamor, one of the first things someone will most likely think of when remembering Eva Gabor is her trademark accent. 

Known for playing stylish characters like Lisa Douglas in Green Acres, Gabor's Hungarian accent often added another refined layer to an already sophisticated woman. However, according to an interview with the New York News Service, Gabor revealed that there was once a time that she went to great lengths to get rid of her accent, including going to see a professor at Columbia for help before dropping the matter altogether.

Gabor was able to realize that her accent was actually an advantage. She said, "I gave up trying to lose my accent. It's been too lucrative to lose it. The trouble is I don't hear my accent. I hear everybody else's."

According to an interview with the Newhouse News Service, Gabor not only spoke with an accent but "thinks in an accent" as well. 

Often known as the "good Gabor," the actor came from a family of performers, most notably her sister, Zsa Zsa. Though living in a famous family has its ups, it also was another hurdle Gabor needed to overcome She said, "Forever I have to prove that I'm an actress and a good one."

There was often an incorrect assumption that, because of her beauty and grace, Gabor herself was aloof. She corrected the idea and said, "The people seem to think I'm unapproachable. I'm a very down-to-earth person, darling...I'm just the same with everyone."

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BorisK 4 months ago
It did not succeed -- which is the typical outcome for most all college professors who try to teach anything.
McGillahooala BorisK 4 months ago
Amen Boris
15inchBlackandWhite 4 months ago
Glad it didn't work. Her accent was one of the things that endeared her to us.
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