Barney Fife once tried to set up Andy with the voice of Judy Jetson

Did you know the voice of the futuristic teenager appeared in Mayberry?

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A season three episode of The Andy Griffith Show sees Deputy Barney Fife ask Sheriff Andy Taylor why he hasn't remarried. Fife believes Andy should have a wife for a better overall life outside of the Mayberry police station. He thinks it would be good for Opie, Andy's son, who is being raised by a single dad (with the help of Aunt Bee of course). 

Andy doesn't necessarily disagree with Barney. If you can recall the episode, "A Wife for Andy," it's clear that the sheriff is annoyed by the third degree. 

Andy tells Barney he misses being married but it's about finding the right gal. He says, regarding a potential wife, "She might very well be here, I just ain't found her yet. But till I do, the subject is closed." 

Of course, for Barney Fife, those words mean the subject is wide open and that he should take immediate action. Without Andy knowing, Barney sends messages to several women in Mayberry, asking them to go to Andy's house to meet with Thelma Lou (who isn't there). It's all a plot to help Andy meet the next Mrs. Taylor. 

As a result, when Andy is enjoying storytime with Opie, the doorbull buzzes. It's the first of many women to arrive, all potential love interests of Andy. At least, that is what Barney is hoping for.

The first of those women to show up is Judy Jetson, from The Jetsons! Well, the voice of Judy Jetson that is. 

Janet Waldo, who voiced the futuristic teenager for several years, beginning with the original cartoon in 1962, plays the role of Amanda in Mayberry! 

As expected, Amanda has a little hint of a southern accent, much different than the always-excited and high-pitched tone of Judy Jetson. 

Waldo could be seen in several live-action movies in the Thirties and Forties, but it was the voice of the cartoon teenager, born sometime in the 2040s, that gave her career a big boost. Less than a full year after The Jetsons premiered, Waldo was a potential love interest in Mayberry. 

Of course, we know Waldo portrayed different characters in The Andy Griffith Show and The Jetsons, but in a way, Judy Jetson visited Mayberry in the year 1963! 

Did you know Janet Waldo, who played Amanda in "A Wife for Andy" on The Andy Griffith Show was the voice of Judy Jetson?

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Mike 16 months ago
From 1964, I remember a short-lived sitcom called Valentine's Day.
Tony Franciosa was Valentine, a top editor at a book publisher, a bachelor who got into comic adventures with his sidekick Rocky, played by the great Jack Soo.
Janet Waldo was Val's secretary Libby, a very smart married lady who often got Val and Rocky out of their jams.
Very funny show, that deserved a longer run; somebody ought to find and restore the episodes.

By the way:
Did you know that Janet Waldo's husband, Robert Lee, was co-author of the play Inherit The Wind?
Mistertelvison 18 months ago
Don Knots played in the movie the incredible Mister Limpit and the Story tells about a man who has obsessed with Fishes and dream of being a Fish and his wife and friend went to Coney Island and at the Pier and Mister Limpit fell in to the ocean and turned into a Fish 🐠
KirwoodDerby 18 months ago
Check out Janet on the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet radio shows. She played Emmy Lou ,the teenage, very excitable neighborhood girl that Ozzie always seems to run into on his way downtown. While talking with him she works herself into a frenzy to the point of letting out a series of little screams. It’s really quite hilarious.
dangler1907 KirwoodDerby 18 months ago
Um, where were Ozzie's hands when Janet reached this "climax"??
AgingDisgracefully 18 months ago
So Barney tried to procure phone sex for Andy?
Runeshaper 18 months ago
Looks at Barney, setting up Andy with Judy Jetson LOL
MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
She also was the voice of Emmy Lou, a teenaged girl, on the radio version of Ozzie & Harriet.
CoreyC 18 months ago
Janet Waldo played a girl who had a huge crush on Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy.
Barry22 18 months ago
Andy couldn't compete with Jet Screamer.
LoveMETV22 Barry22 18 months ago
He probably didn't need to considering Jet Screamer was voiced by Howard Morris.
daDoctah LoveMETV22 18 months ago
AKA Ernest T Bass, for those who don't remember such things.
LoveMETV22 daDoctah 18 months ago
One would hope if they remembered Ernest T Bass, that they would know the actors name.
Andybandit 18 months ago
That is cool that Janet Waldo was in an episode of TAGS. I have no clue what she looks like.
daDoctah 18 months ago
To answer the question in the article wrap-up, Judy Jetson is the role I will always associate with Ms Waldo. She later voiced Josie, leader of the Pussycats, and Penelope Pitstop. And back in radio, she was the title character in the series "Meet Corliss Archer" (in the subsequent movies, Corliss was played by a teenaged Shirley Temple).
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