Dave Coulier debuted his Full House catchphrase in the second season

Who still remembers the hand movements that went with the catchphrase?

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It’s often said that Joey Gladstone repeats his Full House catchphrase "Cut it out" in every episode, but we are here to tell you that’s not possible.

Actor Dave Coulier didn’t introduce his famous catchphrase on Full House until the second season episode "Jingle Hell."

In "Jingle Hell," Joey and Uncle Jesse decide to join forces – one a comedian, the other a musician – and start a jingle-writing business.

A dream team together, how could they fail?!

The catchphrase comes about 10 minutes into the episode as Joey and Jesse riff on ideas for a jingle and Jesse asks Joey to "be funny" on command.

As Joey would continue doing throughout the rest of the show’s run, he debuted the catchphrase saying, "Cut it out" while forming his fingers into scissors and making a cutting motion.

But although this was the first time that Joey delivers this phrase on the sitcom, you might not realize that it wasn’t Coulier’s first time delivering it on TV.

In 1984, Coulier introduced the catchphrase as the host of a Nickelodeon kids show called Out of Control.

Coulier told the Vincennes Sun-Commercial in 2006 that he loved the catchphrase so much that once he brought it over to Full House, that’s when he started regularly dropping it into episodes.

He felt this was a natural move, since he had based so much of the character on himself.

"I got to pick the name of the character Joey Gladstone and a lot of his character was me, although I’m not as naïve, but a lot of the childishness is me," Coulier told The Kingston Whig-Standard in 2005.

After Full House ended, the catchphrase remained a huge part of Coulier’s identity.

It’s now defunct, but the comedian’s first-ever website used the catchphrase as the domain and in 2006, he even started making a documentary film while on the road that he planned to call Cut It Out.

As you might expect, the catchphrase stuck with Coulier’s fans, too – especially Full House fans.

"It’s now in syndication all over the world and I get emails from incredible places," Coulier told the Sacramento Bee in 1999. "I used to have a catchphrase on the show where I’d say “Cut it out” and do this thing with scissors. People come up to me and do it all the time."

Coulier loves these fan interactions and has since rejoined his Full House family in the Fuller House reboot, contributing episodes where he acts, directs and, yes, delivers the catchphrase "Cut it out."

While he has said the catchphrase haunts him to this day, Coulier always looked back on the sitcom with a deep fondness that any character on the sentimental sitcom could surely relate to.

"We struck gold in a bottle with it," Coulier said. "You get a Full House once in a lifetime, maybe twice if you‘re Kelsey Grammer."

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Tim 22 months ago
I never watched the show until today, but when that uncle Jessie chick screamed "I just called to check my zip code!!!", I got it. Comedy gold.
JohnMurphyJr92783 24 months ago
I always thought Dave Coulier's humor was juvenile (which is why kids watching it would like it) and the show did exaggerrate just how talented of a comedian Joey Gladstone was.
cheryl1725 26 months ago
I'm sorry & I hate to say this but i found Dave Coulier VERY annoying on Full House. I know how much he was loved by cast, crew, & audiences but I just had to stop watching the show. That's how annoying I found him.
epickett cheryl1725 26 months ago
It was so annoying I never STARTED watching...
iluvwesterns 26 months ago
how was this a catchphrase? people have been saying cut it out long before he came along. its nothing new.
Kenner iluvwesterns 26 months ago
Because people will laugh at anything…
Tim 26 months ago
Who could forget when Dave first busted out his classic catchphrase "Damn, this show SUUUCKS!!!" Then he and Stamos broke into the theme song from The Flying Nun. Memorable entertainment, for sure....
iluvwesterns Tim 26 months ago
maybe they were talking about there show cause it sure sucked!
collene 26 months ago
I am so tired of seeing Full House articles. The show sucked. Take it off the air please.
Katzi 26 months ago
I saw his "Cut It Out " catchphrase on a kids' show "Out Of Control " . years ago. (The show was on Nickelodeon ....this was in the 80s pre Spongebob Squarepants)
Runeshaper 26 months ago
Uncle Joey's "Cut It Out" is legendary! I was literally performing the hand motions as I said it in my head LOL
Kenner 26 months ago
Sorry to say but I found him and his character very annoying….the sprinkler bit was good, but he was still annoying to me. Corny as well. Yeeesh.
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CouchPotato19 nd1irish 26 months ago
Wait a minute! My niece, Stephanie, always said "How rude!" or "You're RUDE!!". So, THAT'S where she got it from!
Kenner CouchPotato19 26 months ago
I didn’t even realize that!
cheryl1725 Kenner 26 months ago
OMG!! I sooo agree with you. He was VERY annoying.
cheryl1725 nd1irish 26 months ago
Stephanie's catch phrase was annoying too. She just might as well said "paprika!'.
Zip 26 months ago
I don't really want to besmirch the guy, but Dave Coulier always seemed, to me, like he was trying too hard to be funny. Kind of unnatural.
cheryl1725 Zip 26 months ago
Yep. 100%
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