Colleagues, comedians and celebrities react to the death of Tim Conway

Everyone from Carol Burnett to Conan O'Brien is pouring their heart out for the comedian.

The comedy and television worlds continue to mourn a monumental loss. Earlier today, Tim Conway passed away at the age of 85. The funnyman crafted dozens of hilarious characters over a half-century career, from The Oldest Man to Dorf. 

With a resume that stretched from McHale's Navy to 30 Rock, Conway had the opportunity to work alongside comedians of several generations. Naturally, upon news of his death, tributes started to pour in.

Carol Burnett, his longtime costar on The Carol Burnett Show and beyond, said in a statement to USA Today:

"He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being. I cherish the times we had together both on the screen and off. He’ll be in my heart forever.”

The love for Tim Conway flooded Twitter, where characters like "The Dentist" quickly became a trending topic on the social media platform. Here are more Tweets from friends and fans. They'll give you a glimpse at what a charming, eternally funny man he was.

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TVJunkie 59 months ago
Rest in peace Ensign Parker.
JanineRandall 59 months ago
The Mama's Family sketch above made me laugh so hard when Mr. Conway was talking about the twin elephants who were conjoined at the trunk. If you need a good laugh, just watch that You Tube clip!
Rodger 59 months ago
A great comic who was perfect in his movements. To watch him shuffle across a stage could leave you in laughs. Put him with Harvey Korman and Tim could destroy you. It is hard to lose a great comic because the world laughs a little less.
JosephMatthews 59 months ago
Tim Conway sometimes worked with Ghoulardi in Cleveland back in the early days
G 59 months ago
Tim Conway was always one of my most favorite comedians. He was very sharp and also a talented physical comedian, as well as being a very kind gentleman. He made people of all ages laugh at his good, clean fun humor. I always liked to see him and Harvey break up each other and the other actors on the Carol Burnett Show! Funny stuff! Thank God for such a kind, sweet man who made us all laugh and enjoy life. God bless his soul. God bless his family and relatives and friends.
stephaniestavropoulos G 59 months ago
It is sad that Tim Conway has passed. I bet he's up there right now making Harvey laugh. That was pure comedy platinum when that happened! I remember reading that during dress rehearsal {I think it was M-Th. and they did the "real show" meaning they taped it, on Friday, or Thursday.} Tim was very good during DR hitting all his marks, etc., but once it got to the day of taping, that's when the little devil in him would come out to play, and he'd wreak havoc! R.I.P Sir Tim Conway! I know the United States doesn't knight people, but if they did, I think he would be most deserving of the honor. Whose with me on this thought? What is the name of the medal that the president gives civilians? Congressional Medal Of Freedom? If he was never given one, he should have gotten one.
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