Clint Eastwood hated his first job as an actor in school

Eastwood's first foray into acting was less than perfect.

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Losing passion for something you once loved is normal, especially if that something isn't just a hobby, but a job that keeps the lights on. You just can't give up faith that your love will be reignited someday. Likewise, it's also pretty normal for someone to hate something in their youth, only to turn around after they've grown and matured, and find that they've fallen in love with it. It's a beautiful, happy accident.

That was the case for Clint Eastwood, who has made his career as both an actor and director, but once told the Washington Post that he was less than thrilled about his first acting opportunity.

As a young person, Eastwood found that the outgoing nature of performance went against his shy instincts. Eastwood claimed that he was "kind of an introverted kid."

"I slouched around a lot, I had kind of a tall kid's complex," he said.

It was actually the will of Eastwood's teacher, rather than his own, that brought him into performance. Not only did his teacher strong-arm Eastwood into performing in the play, but Eastwood was also cast in the lead.

To say that he was dismayed with the experience was an understatement; Eastwood assumed that it was his first and last time performing.

"I hated it," he said. "I was even going to cut school that day. When it was finished I thought, 'I never want to do that again."

However, fate would have other plans for Eastwood, who would be spotted in Los Angeles by a Rawhide producer who would encourage the young man to audition. From that point on, Eastwood's life changed, and he embraced a love for performing.

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Runeshaper 1 month ago
Wow! That's really something. I'm glad Eastwood found his way to acting and directing (-:
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