Clint Eastwood saw Rawhide as a ''springboard''

TV wasn't the destination for this cowboy!

Up until very recently, there was an inflexible hierarchy in media. At the very top sat movies, as feature films were consistently the most prestigious and sought-after projects. Then there was a pretty sizable gap in respectability wherein TV series sat beneath movies. For several reasons, TV roles just weren't as distinguished as those on the big screen. Obviously, things have since changed, with award-winning series now looked at as favorably as their theatrical counterparts.

But back in 1962, TV was definitely lower on the totem pole. That's why Clint Eastwood wasn't particularly keen to stay on television forever. In an interview with The Buffalo News, Eastwood spoke about his role on the TV Western Rawhide and how the show fit into his planned career trajectory.

Specifically, Eastwood expressed some impatience, wishing to get more roles in movies.

"Don't get me wrong. I love my series," he said, "and I'm grateful that it was the springboard to make a somebody out of an unknown."

"The work is not too hard, sometimes it's even fun, but the long hours, day after day, are nerve-frazzling."

A key difference that he laid out was the amount of creative forces that go into making a television show. The medium just did not (at the time) support auteur-driven works wherein one singular voice moved the story forward.

"My biggest gripe is with directors. We're not fortunate enough to have just one director for the series— we have different directors from time to time. The result is they experiment with new approaches and waste time— our time.

"What with weekends taken up answering fan mail and making personal appearances, where's the time for a good, solid acting role if I do get one?"

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GOOSEYGOOSE9 22 days ago
Clint Eastwood known for westerns as well as his Dirty Harry movies.
oneofthesedays1 22 days ago
Anybody know why the took away the comments on the Fan Favorite voting?
They had it on round 1, then it disappeared.
Is there a main email to request it be put back for every round?
Runeshaper 22 days ago
Acting can be a great gig, but there can be a trade off in that you may lose a lot of time with loved ones.

On a different note, Clint ROCKS!
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