Celebrate all season long with A Very Merry MeTV!

This holiday season, don't miss a whole sleigh full of festive programming!

The holidays are upon us! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with A Very Merry MeTV! Tune in all season for hand-picked festive episodes, holiday specials, and even the TV movie A Very Brady Christmas!

This 1988 made-for-TV movie reunited the grown-up Brady Bunch cast after their short-lived spin-off sitcom The Brady Brides. You can catch it on Sunday, November 28 at 12P | 11C!

Don't miss our first holiday special, MeTV's Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas! Ring in the season with the cast and characters of Toon In With Me and Svengoolie as they watch two hours of memorable, merry cartoons from their vault! You can see this primetime special on Monday, December 13 at 8P | 7C!

Set reminders for the festive shows that you don't want to miss!

Check out the whole holly jolly lineup at the links below!

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Central / Mountain

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Pegg3 29 months ago
Hello! Loved seeing Mark Harmon on Adam 12 tonight!! Great show!!
Kimberly 29 months ago
I really enjoy watching MeTV!
unklden 29 months ago
I’ve always wondered why MeTV never did a promo about “SARA”…the unseen telephone operator that connected the phone callers in both Mayberry AND Hooverville. How in demand that this woman must be! Imagine being employed by two of the most famous cities in television history ! LET’S HEAR IT FOR “ SARA” !!!
Smudge0199 unklden 29 months ago
Sara was seen several times on "Green Acres" (Hooterville). She was a kindly old woman who shared her recipes with callers.
oldschool7 29 months ago
Just wondering if and when they are changing the cartoon lineup? Johny Quest, Groovy Goolies or HarveyToons (Casper, Baby Huey & Herman and Katnip)😃👏🏽
DanDolgin 29 months ago
I don't see why you remove Columbo just to add More Andy Griffith and MASH. Both shows are already shown twice a day on Monday - Friday. It made sense when you added MONK to compliment Columbo as the two eccentric crime detectives. Why have Monk without Columbo? I was never crazy about Monk to begin with but it made sense when he was matched with Columbo. Also, Monk is already shown on the Monday - Friday schedule on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. He is temporarily off the Hallmark schedule during the Christmas programming, but will probably return there on Monday, Jan 3, 2022. Please put Columbo back on the Sunday schedule.
ThinkFirst DanDolgin 29 months ago
Monk is on for several hours on Sunday mornings on Sundance, and it is also on Heroes & Icons. I just don't see how such a recent show fits in on MeTV at all! If the characters can fit their cellphones in a pocket, it is too new a show, IMHO. Why not use this time for an older show, like Ironside, or It Takes a Thief? Maybe McMillan and Wife?
MrsPhilHarris ThinkFirst 29 months ago
I totally agree!
CANARYMETV666 29 months ago
It’ll be refreshing to hear Toon in with me on a weeknight
Kimmers 29 months ago
I wish Saturday night you would leave Star Trek Next Generation & Voyager cant seem to see all during the week-day, as I am at work then. Wouldn't it be great to actually air it about 11:00 PM Saturday night, when I am winding down? or from 7-8 om central time
DanDolgin Kimmers 29 months ago
I don't see Star Trek Next Generation & Voyager on the current METV schedule. Are you talking about METV or another network like CBS or Paramount Plus.
Kimmers 29 months ago
I like The Walton's Christmas, all the Walton's show -any remember Family Affair? Touched by a Angel, ( it used to air Sunday night about 7 pm ) Highway to Heaven, Laramie, Partridge Family, Donna Reed show, Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train.
Wish they would bring back Death Valley Days...
Can totally remove: Friends, Mash,I love Lucy, and Dennis the Menace...super boring... i see many people like them but...Friends has been "over-aired" for years now

texasjas55 29 months ago
I love the cartoons but hate Toon in with Me. people may like the host and the different characters I find it horrible that I quit watching the 6am show mon-fri but extremely love Saturday morning cartoons
tailg8in texasjas55 29 months ago
Just show us cartoons. We don't need all the terrible actors and lame ass puppet fish.
bagandwallyfan52 30 months ago
Rest In Peace
Gavan O Herlihy (Chuck Cunningham)
Dawn Wells(Mary Ann Summers)
Russell Johnson Professor
Roy Stuart Cpl Boyle
Tommy Leonetti Corporal Cuccinelli
Frank Sutton Sgt.Carter
Allan Melvin Sgt. Hacker
Barbara Stuart Bunny Olsen
Eddie Cantor
Joe Penner
Ken Osmond Eddie Haskell
Lumpy Rutherford Frank Bank
David Cassidy Keith Partridge
Ricky Nelson
David Nelson
Ozzie Nelson
Harriet Nelson
Tom Bosley Howard Cunningham
Erin Moran Joanie Cunningham
Doug Robinson Doug on Alice
William Lanteau ED SAWYER
George Lindsey Goober Pyle
Jim Nabors Gomer Pyle
Bob Denver Gilligan
Alan Hale Jr Skipper
Jim Backus Thurston Howell
Natalie Schaefer Lovey Howell
Andy Griffith Andy Taylor
Don Knotts Barney FIFE
Jack Dodson Howard Sprague
Frances Bavier Aunt Bee Taylor
Edgar Buchanan Uncle Joe
Garry Marshall
Sherwood Schwartz
Sheldon Leonard
Redd Foxx Fred Sanford
Lawanda Page Aunt Esther
The Three Stooges:
Moe Howard
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Shemp Howard
Joe Besser.
Joe DeRita
Hugh Beaumont Ward Cleaver
Barbara Billingley June Cleaver
Charlene Salerno Ginger
Skip Young Wally Plumstead
Meredith MacRae Billie Jo
Pat Woodall Bobbi Jo Bradley
Bea Bwnederet Kate Bradley
Smilwy Burnette Charley Pratt.
Rufe Davis Floyd Smooth
Elvis Allman Selma Plout
Cheryl Holdridge Julie Foster
Joanna Moore Peggy MacMillan
Aneta Corsaut Helen Crump
Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Spanky MacFarland..
Alfalfa Switzer
Darla Hood
Tommy Bond (Butch)
Bob Keeshan Captain Kangaroo
Lumpy Brannan Mr Green Jeans
Kirby Grant Sky King
Clayton Moore Lone Ranger
Jay Silverheels Tonto
George Reeves Superman
Jack Larson Jimmy Olson
I would like to Remember
These Actresses
Pat Woodall Bobbi Jo
Meredith MacRae Billie Jo
Charlene Salerno Ginger
Cheryl Holdridge Julie Foster
Heather O Rourke Heather Pfister
Elvis Allman Selma Plout
Bea Bwnederet Kate Bradley
Lucille Ball Lucy Ricardo
Vivian Vance Ethel Mertz
Suzanne Crough Tracy Partridge
Karen Carpenter
Dusty Springfield
Mama Cass
Patsy Cline
Rest In Peace
Sue Randall Miss Landers
Thanks for the list. I didn’t know that some of these actors had passed. 🤔😢
Jaxter14 bagandwallyfan52 29 months ago
The great Don Adams: Agent 86, Maxwell Smart. Cone-of- Silence 😂
Grynch_84 Jaxter14 29 months ago
They even used that in The Nude Bomb back from about 1980. Great show and he made it all work.
CharleneKelley 30 months ago
how about the osmond family christmas show
Michael CharleneKelley 30 months ago
Did the Osmonds have a Christmas show?

I'm sure I saw them in an Andy Williams Christmas show, but they were much younger than that photo.
K Michael 30 months ago
The Osmonds had multiple Christmas shows; some during the Donny and Marie show days. You can find these shows on YT. They were also on The Andy Williams shows during its run.
MaryAnn CharleneKelley 29 months ago
Nice looking family, but Donny really stands out as being the most handsome. Not that I’m going all fangirl on him or anything! 😆
Maparty1 MaryAnn 29 months ago
Marie is beautiful too🎄🎅🏻🎄
Nala92129 30 months ago
The best synonym for Hanna-Barbera is schlock. The older cartoons had amazing graphics, beautiful art work, sometimes 3-D effects. Walt Disney & the "Popeye" artists really cared about the product they turned out.
lynngdance Nala92129 29 months ago
Random thought, is your username, “Nala92129” named after Nala from Disney’s “The Lion King”? Just wondering 😆🙂
bagandwallyfan52 30 months ago
- The Jolly Green Giant
And Santa Claus
VaughnBaskin 30 months ago
Bring us Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Jonny Quest, and Huckleberry Hound to MeTV in 2022 please!
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VaughnBaskin Jaxter14 29 months ago
That too as well!
Maparty1 VaughnBaskin 29 months ago
I loved Lidsville!!🎄🎅🏻😂
VaughnBaskin Maparty1 29 months ago
Same here!
Smudge0199 VaughnBaskin 29 months ago
I'm retired and I can sleep in, but I do awake every Saturday @ 7AM to watch Popeye on ME-TV. I'm not crazy about the Pink Panther though.
Nala92129 30 months ago
I would love to see Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fernwood 2Nite & Fernwood USA, I Love Lucy, Coronet Blue, The Jackie Gleason Show, the OLD Dragnet (with Ben Alexander) and The Life of Riley.
bagandwallyfan52 Nala92129 30 months ago
Rocky and Bullwinkle on
MaryAnn Nala92129 29 months ago
I was nine when my otherwise very serious parents started watching Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. They hardly ever missed an episode, but I didn’t understand a lot of the humor. Your comment made me check out info about it on Wikipedia, and now I’m intrigued
BobAnderson 30 months ago
Bring on Peyton Place series from the 1960s, the first nighttime soap opera and for its time pretty racy.
Please add The Edge of Night and Dark Shadows
When I was a little girl, I'd come home from school and watch "The Edge of Night" followed by "Dark Shadows." Edge was really a murder mystery then. I'd love to see the episodes from that era!
bagandwallyfan52 30 months ago
I wonder why Sgt.Carter's
Girlfriend Bunny have 3 different
Last Names:
Harper Olsen and Wilson.
bagandwallyfan52 30 months ago
There is an episode of. Gomer Pyle USMC called Gomer And
The Dragon Lady where Hannah
Troy (Barbara Stuart who later
Played Bunny)uses Judo and
Flips Duke Slater and Sgt. Carter .Did Barbara Stuart really use
Judo on Slater and Carter or
Did they use Special Effects to
Make it look like Hannah
Flipped Slater and Carter?
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