Carroll O'Connor once used a friend's name for his stage name

He's Carroll O'Connor, Archie Bunker, Bill Gillespie and... George Roberts?

Stage names are common among celebrities, and even artists like painters decide to work under a new name for branding purposes. Most use nicknames, their middle name or names they simply think sound cool. Yet, have you ever heard of someone using their friend's name for their stage name?

Carroll O'Connor was Archie Bunker on All in the Family and Bill Gillespie on In the Heat of the Night. Before he snagged his most popular roles, the actor had smaller ones and worked under a different name: George Roberts. In an interview with the Television Academy, O'Connor revealed how he came up with the name and why he eventually abandoned it.

It all began while he was in college. One of the oldest students suggested he avoid using his real name to prevent limitations. "So, I started acting under the name George Roberts," he said. "It was just the name of an old friend of mine, and [he] was gone at that time."

O'Connor would go on to use this name for a few years until he joined a company for actors that wanted him to take his original name back.

"[The company owner said] 'I want you to take back your name. I have my entire company of Irish names, and I don't want any George Roberts. Furthermore, George Roberts [was] the name of an actor I acted with at the old Abbey [theatre]. You shouldn't be using that name.' I said, 'OK.'"

This was around the time the actor was focusing on theatrical productions in Dublin and New York in the 1950s. So, the actor started using Carroll O'Connor again.

Almost all of his television and film acting credits are under the O'Connor name. If you didn't know, Carroll is his middle name, and his real first name is John. Carroll O'Connor just has more of a ring to it, doesn't it?

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Lillyrose 14 months ago
Please bring back I Love Lucy. Please also air The Partridge Family, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Newhart. They are much cheerier than All in the Family.
JHP 14 months ago
Cant wait for All in the Family - love the show X100

Now I can't stand Heat of the Night (not a dis of Carroll) and I know its not on Me-Tv

It just seems to me that every character HAD to sound south on the MD line - watched one ep
DZee 14 months ago
All in the Family? Really? First it was Monk....then it was Full this garbage? Is MeTV purposely trying to drive your viewers away? Whoever is picking your shows for broadcast lately should be fired.
ArchieB DZee 14 months ago
Are you serious?
JJ614 DZee 14 months ago
JHP DZee 14 months ago
hate to say it (ERP!) - Sh*t House had been on forever - rather watch any news prog
timothys71 14 months ago
Looking forward to seeing All In the Family on MeTV. It has been on Get TV for the last several years, but I no longer get that network consistently because in my area in moved to a different station whose transmitter is too far from my hometown to provide a consistently reliable signal. Some people love that show, and some hate it; I am in the former group.
timothys71 timothys71 14 months ago
*it* moved to a different station
MrsPhilHarris 14 months ago
I think we have another show that is going to divide the viewers. Did I hear correctly? Two hours of All In The Family? 😳 As I keep harping I would love a retro comedy at 7 and Perry Mason at 8 on Sunday evenings but a cop show would be great too. I know it will never happen. 🤪
ArchieB MrsPhilHarris 14 months ago
Yes, 30-minute episodes would be most advisable and maybe for the second 30-minutes episodes of "Archie Bunkers Place." Nothing like oversaturation of a program as it ruins it in a way that if you wanted to watch episodes in order and couldn't sit for multiple played shows, you would miss some good ones unless you recorded. Filling time slots shouldn't be about blocks of the same program like are run on weekend marathons.
MrsPhilHarris ArchieB 14 months ago
I agree it is too much. I wonder why they don’t move one of the cop show from the middle of the night into prime time.
ArchieB MrsPhilHarris 14 months ago
Yes, like Adam 12 which is on late afternoon. That should be evening!
Tanisha32 14 months ago
I have been waiting years for this to return to tv. Even though I have found other ways to watch this show, it's great to have it on an official lineup. With so many channels showing classic shows, this seems like the last one to find a home. This is one of the best. Thank you METV!!
Tresix 14 months ago
Great! I hope they're aired in their entirety like they were when they were shown on Get TV.
Rita6868 14 months ago
Yes!!! Finally back! Archie hates everyone! Lol! Love this show! I watched the first run as a kid.He looked so much like my Dad that ppl would come up to my Dad in the grocery store and tell him.He hated that.When I see this show now I always say
"Hi Dad!" Thanks MeTV!
Mindyg22 14 months ago
I've been waiting to see this show. I saw this show back in the early 70s and missed seeing it since it was not on tv in the longest time. Thanks so much for bring back this poignant, clever yet funny show.
ArchieB Mindyg22 14 months ago
I guess it depends where you live or what channels are available in your area. Other than the last 6-months, here in the Chicago area it has run pretty much continuous since the last episodes were created. Other networks including WGN 9.2 and WXFT 60.3 have run it in there programming. Oops, I probably shouldn't mention other stations, lol.
JJ614 14 months ago
I can't even tell you how this knots my stomach to wake up and learn you're already dumping the Perry Mason movies for this show. I hated this show when it was originally run and was done with it after the premiere. You have lost me as a Sunday night viewer by making this disgusting change. Yes, of course I know it was a #1 hit with a certain segment of society. I just am not and have never been part of that segment. I'm sad. There are so many great shows you could have chosen if you just had to dump the PM movies. I await the end of the AITF run and hopefully it will be replaced soon by something much more watchable by those like me.
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JJ614 JJ614 14 months ago
And over-the-air is saturated with In The Heat of the Night, which is my fave Carroll O'Connor show. I've seen them all uncountable times.
JJ614 ArchieB 14 months ago
(Sorry I keep adding on. I will say, if they put Jeffersons and Good Times on instead of AITF, or even for one of the hours they plan AITF for now, I WOULD watch those 2 on Sunday nights and still enjoy them. They actually had many lovable characters. Only the character of Archie Bunker is unbearably obnoxious and offensive and 100% unwatchable to me.)
JHP JJ614 14 months ago
ahhhh data charges from the wire company? (NOTHING in this world is "free" - gees)
Kramden62 Kramden62 14 months ago
I also forgot:
Two years earlier, in September 1972, "All in the Family" was also responsible for the demise of another one of my all-time favorites, "Bewitched" (which coincidentally was also a Sony program). ABC also moved that show to Saturday nights for its final season and pitted "Bewitched" against "All in the Family," assuring the former show's death after 8 seasons. Just terrible!
Believe you me, I would take "Bewitched" and "The Partridge Family" *any and every* time over "All in the Family!" (At least I now have both "Bewitched" and the Partridges on DVD in series box sets.)
Avie 14 months ago
"Carol O'Connor just has more of a ring to it, doesn't it?"

Not as much as CARROLL O'Connor.
vikkr 14 months ago
Whatever name he went by, he is and was one of my all time favorites. I still have the bumper sticker that says Archie Bunker for President. I still watch All in the Family, In the Heat of the Night and Archie's place when I can.
Rita6868 vikkr 14 months ago
Ha! Loved that bumper sticker! Archie picked on everyone!
Great to hear us laugh at ourselves again.
Carroll could do serious roles to like "In the Heat of the Night"
Great actor!
DoubleNaughtSpy 14 months ago

But....the big question is: Will MeTV broadcast the episodes as they were originally aired on CBS? Or will they play it safe and go with the versions in syndication which have been edited for PC purposes?

What say you, MeTV?
Bapa1 DoubleNaughtSpy 14 months ago
"Stifle yerself."
Rita6868 Bapa1 14 months ago
saswifteagle 14 months ago
For all you meatheads and dingbats. HE'S BACK!

Rita6868 saswifteagle 14 months ago
Haaa! Yeees!! So glad they put a #1 comedy on for 2hrs instead of the sometimes boring drama's.
GenJan 14 months ago
Bring Back some Cop Shows For Sunday Line Up-Burke's Law, Rockford Files, Baretta, Mannix, Hawaii Five-0, Streets of San Francisco/Kojak.
JJ614 GenJan 14 months ago
Agreed. SO MANY GREAT SHOWS they could have chosen instead of this one.
ArchieB JJ614 14 months ago
Like music a station will play what sells and what people want to see and hear. I do think it is a little too much play time in one night but nonetheless it was a great one!
JJ614 GenJan 14 months ago
(I've literally stayed up late to watch Mannix many times. I loved it when I was younger. I'd love to see them move their all-night lineup to daytime!)
JJ614 JJ614 14 months ago
(Especially ALL the Mission Impossibles!)
JHP GenJan 14 months ago
well - in Se Wis I get Barnaby Jones - Cannon -Mannix and Adam 12 (aka Emergency with police flavor)
GenJan 14 months ago
Yes Yes I love All In The FAMILY!!!!
Runeshaper 14 months ago
Carol O'Connor was a super talented actor 😊
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JHP JJ614 14 months ago
well age does things to people and steaks - CAPECHE?
JHP JJ614 14 months ago
ahhhhh ok what show would you welcome?

gentle Ben - Little snooze fest of the prairie? - Me-Tv has got the Walton's (another caffeine enemy)
JJ614 JHP 14 months ago
And yet it hasn't me. I have the same opinion of Archie Bunker at 70 as I had at 18. A disgusting pig by any other name is still just....a disgusting pig. It's the exact same episodes. Nobody went in and made him a different character. And obviously you didn't read what I said at all. I watched one episode, yes. And it was hard to watch because that character is so revolting to me. But I've seen LOTS of scenes from other episodes in commercials for the show during its original run and syndication years ad nauseum - through decades. As I said, he seemed to become only more disgusting through the years. I already listed shows I would welcome. If you're going to mock me, it would behoove you to actually read what I already said. I've answered every question honestly and fairly. What? Did you expect me to take your comments and lie because I just can't stand the pressure of your mocking me? Cause.....I'm a bit stronger than that. I have my beliefs and foundations. Archie Bunker literally repulses me and i will never ever watch another episode. Period. (btw - I choose to not believe your 'salt shaker' remark means the same thing as Urban Dictionary says because if it did, that completely explains why you can't stand my opinion.)
JHP JJ614 14 months ago
so again you got that 52 yr old opinion (I'll admit at 18 that's a hard and true opinion) - fine and dandy - Me-Tv will have another non-viewer for All in The Family (we are all in some sort of minority:))
maybe you are headed for an Amish community (I can understand that - not for a slam on them but a relief of the BS that is todays stupid society)

So cheer on the shows you like and get out the party favors (of course those cards are not shown:))

cperrynaples 14 months ago
John Conner is of course the hero of the Terminator films! Can you imagine that character being named Carroll? Didn't think so...LOL!
CANARYMETV666 14 months ago
I’m so excited for All in the Family.
I know a lot of people were asking for it when antenna had it.
cperrynaples CANARYMETV666 14 months ago
Yeah, and wasn't it on another digital channel for the last few years?
JohnGibbons cperrynaples 14 months ago
Yes it’s been on Get TV for awhile I believe
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