Ashley Judd professes her love for Burt Ward and Wonder Woman

The actress reports, "I have Wonder Woman underpants to this day."

While promoting her new film Big Stone Gap, Ashley Judd had the chance to geek out. Though the film is a romance set in Appalachia, Judd and writer-director Adriana Trigiani spoke with Comic Book Movie about super heroes. More specifically, they crushed on Burt Ward.


  • 3/2 10:30PMJoker's Hard Time, The (2)
    "The Dynamic Duo arrive at police headquarters in time to chase down the Joker, who continues his zodiac crimes."
  • 3/9 10:30PMPenguin Declines, The (3)
    "Continuing his zodiac crime spree, the Joker turns the entire Gotham City water supply into Joker-jelly and then demands $10 million to change it back! Meanwhile, The Penguin, claiming he has reformed, convinces a woman to remove his criminal record from Batman's Bat-computer."
  • 3/16 10:30PMThat Darned Catwoman (1)
    "Robin is drugged and turned into Catwoman's pawn, helping her steal money from Wayne Manor. As the police draw near, she threatens to kill the Boy Wonder, leaving Batman to act on his own."
*available in most MeTV markets

"I just want to give a shout out to Robin," Judd announces. The two then go on to swoon over the 1960s Batman series. Why does Judd love Robin so much? Because he is "softer and a little bit more accessible than Batman." Well, that's certainly true. Trigiani suggests they should have cast Ward in Big Stone Gap, an idea that makes Judd swoon. "We'd be having a very different conversation right now," Judd jokes. "We'd be talking about my honeymoon."

They go on to talk about Roddy McDowall's character, The Bookworm, and weigh in on the Batman vs. Superman debate.

Other Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night stars come up, as well. "I just loved Lynda Carter," Trigiani says. "I have Wonder Woman underpants to this day," Judd retorts.

Watch the entire interview below.

Geeking Out With Ashley Judd & Adriana Trigiani

Comic Book Movie talks super heroes and Big Stone Gap with writer/director Adriana Trigiani and star Ashley Judd!

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