Archie Bunker was so popular, Carroll O'Connor performed as the character in his nightclub routine

For the price of a ticket, you could see Archie Bunker at your local nightclub.

The unfortunate truth is that even today, the world is not short of Archie Bunkers. While a real-world Archie Bunker wouldn't be someone you'd like to have a drink with, audiences everywhere delighted at Carroll O'Connor playing the exaggerated caricature every time All In the Family aired a new episode.

While O'Connor maintained throughout several interviews that he was nothing like Archie Bunker, he was also aware of the effect that the character had on fans, and even the attachment that some people felt. 

This is probably why, according to a 1972 article with the Associated Press, it was revealed that Carroll O'Connor had recently incorporated the character of Archie Bunker of All in the Family into his performance in the nightclub circuit. 

In the routine, O'Connor, as Archie Bunker, would appear before the audience smoking a cigar and utilizing the performance as an opportunity "to talk to you face-ter-face about a few things I got on my mind." 

Of course, because this is Archie Bunker we're talking about, there are some jokes told during the performance that are better left unsaid, but it's also worth mentioning that O'Connor's routine was wildly successful among audience members.

While Norman Lear originated the character, the creator himself stated on multiple occasions that O'Connor truly brought Archie Bunker to life. Fortunately, those who paid the ticket fee looking to see Carroll O'Connor instead of Archie Bunker did not go home disappointed, as O'Connor's performance as his All in the Family character was fairly brief, leaving the real Carroll O'Connor the stage for an opportunity to give his own performance.

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cperrynaples 17 days ago
Actually, O'Connor mostly sang while on stage! Fun fact: He wrote lyrics to the closing theme under the title Remembering You!
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