Who was in more episodes of The Twilight Zone?

Who got out of the Twilight Zone after just one episode and who came back for more?

The Twilight Zone has stood the test of time and continues to enthrall audiences decades after it first aired. The blend of thrills, science fiction and even occasional humor has proved a winning combination.

Many classic TV actors appeared in the anthology series before starring in their own show — some even visited The Twilight Zone more than once! We've paired up some of our favorite Twilight Zone guest stars. Can you guess who was in more episodes?

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  1. Which child star was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  2. Which Batman villain portrayer was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  3. "The Professor" was also a professor in The Twilight Zone but who was in more episodes, Russell Johnson or Martin Milner?
  4. Which TV Western leading man was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  5. Which movie star was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  6. Which Star Trek actor was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  7. Speaking of Star Trek, who was in more Twilight Zone episodes: Leonard Nimoy or the woman who played Spock's intended Vulcan wife, Arlene Martel?
  8. Who was in more Twilight Zone episodes, Jonathan Harris or Carol Burnett?
  9. Both these actors could be funny, but in The Twilight Zone they were serious. Who was in more episodes?
  10. Both halves of the Bewitched couple were in episodes of The Twilight Zone, but who was in more?
  11. Which Beverly Hillbilly was in more Twilight Zone episodes?
  12. Which sitcom actor was in more Twilight Zone episodes?

Who was in more episodes of The Twilight Zone?

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John 16 days ago
I just fell out of my chair. I got 12/12 and I guessed ON EVERY SINGLE ONE.
Well, I guess that uses up my good luck for the rest of the month.
MikeFranklin 20 days ago
11/12; guessed most of them, missed Donna Douglas and Buddy Ebsen. I didn't even know they were on the show at all. Did a little figuring on most of the others. The series was really before my time. I was born in 1961.
bnichols23 25 days ago
Well there's a shock -- 7. TBF I never really counted most of those, but still I basically screwed up. -laugh-
LynCarceo 25 days ago
7/12. I guessed through all of them. I guess I guessed okay (not perfect).
Filmnoirfan 25 days ago
11/12 - foiled in the finale by Floyd the barber. As a lifelong TZ fan anything less than perfection not really acceptable
ETristanBooth 26 days ago
11/12. Missed #11.
Jon ETristanBooth 26 days ago
So did I. I only remember Donna Douglas from "The Eye of the Beholder".
ETristanBooth Jon 26 days ago
I looked it up. She's also in "Cavender is Coming," but only plays a guest at a party, so it was easy to forget.
Adanor 26 days ago
Being that I have never watched The Twilight Zone and all were wild guesses, 6/12 is pretty good. It seems that TZ was a great place for up and coming actors and actresses to develop their acting chops. It was almost as though if you appeared on TZ, then you were destined for greater roles further on down the pike.
Andybandit 26 days ago
I got 5/12. I never really watched the twilight zone. The quiz was fun anyway.
BrianMoore 26 days ago
12 out of 12! I didn't think I could do it!
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