Who is this kissing on TV in the Seventies?

See if you can recognize these celebrity smoochers!


In the 1970s, love was in the air. Well, it was at least on the air. Love, American Style, The Love Boat, Bridget Loves Bernie, Get Christie Love! — there were a lot of "Love" shows.

Not to mention kissing! So much smooching! We've gathered some smacks from the Seventies. 

See if you can recognize the people planting their lips in the scenes below!

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  1. Aaaayyyyy! Who is kissing the Fonz?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. It was one of the most-watched kisses in TV history. Who is the bride?
  3. You can't talk about Seventies TV kisses without The Love Boat. It's Toni Tennille of Captain & Tennille! You know the fellow best for playing…?
  4. On which show is this kiss taking place?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  5. Who is Charlie Brown kissing in the 1977 special It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Which characters is Ted Danson kissing?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Who is kissing Billie Joe?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  8. Which show is this?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  9. Which Walton is locking lips?
  10. Which actress is Marshal Matt Dillon kissing in this scene?
  11. This game show host was known for playing which Hogan's Heroes character?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  12. Name the character getting a kiss here.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  13. Finally, who is the man in the hat?
     Image: The Everett Collection

Who is this kissing on TV in the Seventies?

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DavidBarker 52 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Here's a little extra KISS from the Seventies.
Missed #13...
Allison 52 months ago
12/13 Got the Charlie Brown question wrong.
PeterRoff 52 months ago
Should have included Sammy Davis, Jr., kissing Archie Bunker - now THAT was a famous onscreen kiss.
bnichols23 52 months ago
11 -- I blew the Michael Learned & Hervé Villechaize ones. My own fault, really. The Gunsmoke one I don't feel bad about because I never watched it after it went to color, but I really should have paid more attention to the background on the Taxi one.
Deleted 52 months ago
This comment has been removed.
bnichols23 52 months ago
Catman 52 months ago
One of the most famous TV-screen kisses of all time:
stephendickinson69 Catman 52 months ago
But not the first interracial kiss that it is claimed to be. Lucy and Desi were the first ones.
"Hispanic" is not a race but a culture, at least according to Big Brother.
Catman stephendickinson69 52 months ago
uh, no. Try again later.
DavidBarker Catman 52 months ago
Hispanic is not a race...Like the poster above said, it is a culture. That's like saying a Jewish person is a different race...
Catman DavidBarker 52 months ago
I didn't make that comment, I responded to it.
MarkSpeck 52 months ago
12 out of 13. Missed the Gunsmoke one.
MrBill 52 months ago
12/13; Missed Gunsmoke - never watched that show and I did not recognized Michael Learned (the mother in the Waltons).
David 52 months ago
ou got 13 out of 13
Here's a little extra KISS from the Seventies. Did you rock this quiz?
ETristanBooth 52 months ago
13/13. Didn't have to guess this time.
jpdirisio13 52 months ago
Got 'em all too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gary 52 months ago
Didn't know I was such an expert on kissing😊
Got em all!
Dario Gary 52 months ago
👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
JanMMitchell 52 months ago
Yes, I sure did rock this quiz!
sandman 52 months ago
12/13 Well I know more about Kisses than Knots
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