Which William Shatner TV character is most like your personality?

Are you more T.J. or James T.?


In every role, William Shatner is William Shatner. He has a trademark style of performing. Some call it "Shacting." We call it entertaining.

That being said, Shatner is a man of many personalities, a man of many characters. He's played everything from an action hero to a tough veteran cop to a paranoid airline passenger to a cocky lawyer. And those are just his major TV roles. You can see him almost every day here on MeTV, headlining Star Trek and T.J. Hooker. Elsewhere, he's been both villain and victim. Heck, he's even recorded a bunch of records.

In other words, there's a Shatner incarnation that matches your personality. Which small-screen Shatner creation best fits you? Answer these questions and find out.
  1. Pick an ink blot.
  2. You have to listen to a William Shatner album. Which one will it be?
  3. Which color do you find the most appealing?
  4. Which kid has the best Halloween costume?
  5. Adopt one of these dogs.
  6. What is your favorite decade for pop culture?
  7. Hooray, we are at the carnival! What do you want to do first?
  8. What word best describes you?

Which William Shatner TV character is most like your personality?

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DerekBird 29 months ago
Bob Wilson
What is that on the wing? Did anyone else see that? Surely, you saw that? Right? Right? … Right there! There's a monster on the wing of the airplane!! … Oh, you're never flying again, not after soaring through a "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" in The Twilight Zone.
TVFF 29 months ago
It came up Denny Crane, but I've never seen that show. The only lawyer shows I like are Perry Mason and Petrocelli. I don't remember watching any others.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
Captain Kirk
Courageous, dashing, principled, romantic — there's a reason you wear the gold tunic. You feel right at home in the captain's chair. Still, it helps to have a logical friend by your side to balance out your impulses.
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