Which TV show featured this turkey?

You'll gobble this one up.


It's Thanksgiving season, and that means one thing: eating as much as you can with your family and watching television. Nothing beats gorging on turkey before slipping into that tryptophan slumber on the couch.

Through the years, Thanksgiving episodes have been a regular part of the TV season. We snapped the bird in some memorable Turkey Day episodes. Try to name the series. Good luck!
  1. This feller was dressed for the occasion.
  2. Do you recognize that floral pattern?
  3. On a silver platter.
  4. Mullets and arcade machines? This must be the '80s or early '90s.
  5. You have to fight for the best piece.
  6. These were not their normal costumes.
  7. The grooviest dresser carves the bird.
  8. Quite a spread.
  9. This was not technically a turkey, but the tiny Thanksgiving quail made us laugh.
  10. Mind your manners at the table.

Which TV show featured this turkey?

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Snickers 31 months ago
8 out of 10 pass the turkey.
TimothyStiles 53 months ago
10 of 10 This was all about luck and deduction...ya gotta look at the other stuff in the pictures.
MrBill 53 months ago
8/10; missed #8 and #9 - this was a tough quiz and I am pleased with my score.
Rickey 53 months ago
You got 10 out of 10!
Niiice! That wasn't luck — that was skill.
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