Which of these vintage stereos was your dream sound system?

Sound off loud and clear in this poll.


Your musical tastes can say a lot about you. Do you like a little bit of everything or is there one genre you listen to exclusively?

Equilly important for music lovers is not only what you listen to but how you listen to it. Do you like a room full of the best speakers money can by or are you satisfied with a pair of old headphones?

What would your dream vintage stereo setup look like? Here are 15 different audio options, choose what you think of each and see if your picks are similar to everyone else's!

  1. Would you want this AWA "Radiolagram" cabinet?
  2. What about these Bose 901 speakers?
  3. What do you think of these blue Zenith Allegro speakers?
  4. The Panasonic Monte Carlo let you play 8 tracks in your car or in your house!
  5. The Motorola Changeabout did the same thing. You could even take it on your boat!
  6. What do you think of this stereo setup from Dual?
  7. Did you want a Yamaha system back in the day?
  8. What about an ornate speaker cabinet?
  9. Would you buy this GE stereo cabinet if you could?
  10. Are you all about the hi-fi?
  11. Could Andy Warhol convince you to get this Pioneer stereo?
  12. Would this Sansui receiver be a part of your sound system?
  13. Amazing! Computers and audio equipment brought together.
  14. Were you serious enough about your sound system for a Phase Linear?
  15. What do you think of this futuristic Weltron record player?

Which of these vintage stereos was your dream sound system?

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idkwut2use 37 months ago
‪46% similar‬...I just said yes to all of them, lol. I don’t know. #6 and 15 look the best, followed by 8 & 9. Some others look like the huge thing in the cellar that we’ve had my whole life. My brother & dad would be the ones to ask about the actual function, I just go by appearance.
RogerClyneIsAGod 49 months ago
OK, I am now going to spend the rest of the night searching on Ebay for that Welltron record player!!
JERRY6 49 months ago
still hve my Phase linear and Carver amps and pre amp sound great driving my celestion 662 speakers still sound great 35 years later nothing i've seen or heard lately would tempt me to change
jimmyvici 49 months ago
73 percent similar. Not bad considering I wasn’t even born yet for a few of those!
Angela 49 months ago
26% similar. Guess I'm just not a knowledgeable audiophile
Lillyrose 49 months ago
46% similar.
Dario Lillyrose 37 months ago
Me too. 😁😁😁😁😁
Stephen79 49 months ago
Phase Linear 400 series, were also known as Flame Linears. This was due to the output transistors literally catching on fire when they failed. Many amps could be smoked, or blown, creating some nasty smoke, but the transistors in these Phase Linear amps would literally catch on fire. BTW, they were designed by Bob Carver ...
Stephen79 49 months ago
Regarding the Bose 901's. In the Stereo biz, they had this little saying regarding the design and sound. "No high's, no low's, must be Bose." This was due to the 901's design (Lot's of small woofers) that needed an EQ just to achieve almost passable frequency response . 9 each 4 inch woofers , just don't make bass or high's effectively ...
Lantern 49 months ago
I remember the day in the mid-60's when neighbors of ours took delivery of one of those consoles consisting of color TV, AM/FM radio and turntable stereo. They were the most popular people on the street for a few weeks.
Runeshaper 49 months ago
26% similar

Guess my ear buds are off? LOL
idkwut2use 49 months ago
46% (eh, most/all of it looks pretty neat!)
Apophis 49 months ago
I bought a Kenwood KR-9600 a Teac turntable and a pair of Klipschhorns in 79 at the local Pacific stereo. I was in music heaven even though I had to work two jobs to pay it off. I wish I still had that set up.
Bartron53 49 months ago
The Pioneer receiver and turntable in the Warhol ad look very similar to my Pioneer system, still in use.
Catman 49 months ago
My system in the 1980s could take the paint off the wall in a house three doors down from me.
CelticTwilight 49 months ago
46% similar and proud of it. 😎
Barry22 49 months ago
I had a Harlem Karden system that I got in 1970 for my Bar Mitzvah. Took it to college and my first apartment after college. Got a new system in 1984 and gave the HK to my Dad who listened to it up to the day he passed away in 2015. Now my sister has it.
Bill 49 months ago
Crown power amp, phase linear preamp, Technics turntable and jbl speakers. I ran a small recording studio way back when and still mix live bands today! BTW, MeFm 87.7 in Chicago is the only station worth listening to in the area!
KellyShort 49 months ago
86% similar to the most popular responses
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