What are your opinions on 'The Andy Griffith Show'?

It's a game of "Would you rather?" — Mayberry style.

It always feels good to come home to Mayberry. There you'll find nice folks, good cookin' and a charming community. We all love to whistle along to the theme song, but there are some differing opinions when it comes to The Andy Griffith Show. Answer the 13 questions in this poll to see how your tastes stack up against other fans.

  1. Who is your favorite Pyle?
  2. Which catchphrase are you more likely to exclaim?
  3. Would you eat Aunt Bee's pickles?
  4. Who was the better love interest for Andy?
  5. Who was Barney's true love?
  6. Would you rather spend the day with younger Opie or older Opie?
  7. Which 'Gilligan's Island' actor was the more memorable guest star?
  8. Do you enjoy the color episodes?
  9. Who was the better Mayor of Mayberry?
  10. Which Darling would you rather invite over for dinner?
  11. Who was the more charming moonshiner?
  12. At which Mayberry landmark are you more likely to hang out?
  13. Who was the better police officer?

What are your opinions on 'The Andy Griffith Show'?

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TheSentinel 30 months ago
There were a few questions I didn't bother to answer because they didn't offer a "neither one" option - I didn't answer 10 because I didn't like the Darling family because of their backwards ignorant ways and their penchant for causing trouble for Andy and other folks because of it, and I didn't answer 4 because neither woman was really all that good for Andy (Ellie was too flighty and Helen was a temperamental harridan with a jealous streak who brought out Andy's sour side in the later seasons).
Pete5167 57 months ago
On the subject of the poll you had. On which woman you wished Andy had married. I noticed a lot of Peggy fans in the comments. I was one as well. Felt she was by the most attractive. And had that great southern way. And in real life she was Tatum O'Neill's Mom. I loved the suggestions that he should end up with Thelma Lou. That would have been great too. Barney was a procrastinator. Someone on the show should have married her. She was the ultimate girl next door. Loved her!
Pete5167 40 months ago
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jrmaul 66 months ago
Hate the Darlings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jrmaul 40 months ago
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