Were these movies referenced in 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'?

Let there be lips! But what are the lips talking about?


When you settle in to watch the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the first thing you see is... lips. Specifically, lips of actress Patricia Quinn (Magenta) lip-syncing to a song written and performed by Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff). The iconic red lips singing "Science Fiction/Double Feature" have become an icon of the film itself, being used on logos, posters, jewlery, and more.

The song itself, as the title indicates, is a tribute to classic science fiction and horror movies. It's jam-packed full of references to certain movies, stars, and even studios! Many of the films mentioned have shown up on Svengoolie over the years.

Can you tell which of these movies were actually referenced in the song?

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  1. Was It Came From Outer Space referenced?
  2. Was Tarantula! referenced?
  3. Was Attack of the Puppet People referenced?
  4. Was It! The Terror from Beyond Space referenced?
  5. Was The Day of the Triffids referenced?
  6. Was Earth vs. the Flying Saucers referenced?
  7. Was Forbidden Planet referenced?
  8. Was When Worlds Collide referenced?
  9. Was The Crawling Eye referenced?
  10. Was The Indestructible Man referenced?
  11. Was The Day the Earth Stood Still referenced?
  12. Was Attack of the 50 Foot Woman referenced?

Were these movies referenced in 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'?

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dkemp917 17 months ago
One of my favorites...no all the words. Yes, and I did go to midnight screenings in Philadelphia in college in the 80's as well! Memories.....
KellyShort 17 months ago
12/12 saw it more than a 100 times in the early 80's costumed many times
Gossemer 18 months ago
12/12. Remembered the lighter. Toilet papaer and news paper too. 1976.
Catman 18 months ago
Meat Loaf Again?
KellyShort Catman 17 months ago
on turkey night
KellyShort KellyShort 17 months ago
I met Meat Loaf at a showing at the Varsity theater in St Louis
QazWiz 18 months ago
You got 12 out of 12

stopped counting after my 50th viewing :D
DavidVincentWasRight 18 months ago
12 outa 12 ! "The Sash Mill" in Santa Cruz made the cast of San Francisco look like a bunch of amateurs (Well, in reality they all were ....lol)... I miss those days , miss my friend Kathryn who passed way to soon, "Magenta" and "The Criminologist" when it was at the "Front Street Theatre" in Santa Cruz....
CreatureFeatureFan 18 months ago
Rocky Horror, twice every weekend. 💋
musicman37 18 months ago
12/12 was easy for someone who saw the movie 500 times in the theater back in the day (I was part of the "floor show" cast at the Uniondale, NY "Mini Cinema" 1978-80).
ChannelCat 18 months ago
I’ve seen RHPS in a lot of places but none so surreal as a drive-in in Minot ND while stationed there. Seeing people dancing to the Time Warp in the beds of their pickup trucks was the best.
GeorgiaReadenour 18 months ago
QazWiz GeorgiaReadenour 18 months ago
We have a virgin in our midst.... LOL :D we need a time warp emoji
phritzg 18 months ago
The plot of It! The Terror From Beyond Space was an inspiration for the first Alien movie. When I saw Alien on The Movie Channel, I recognized the similarity and sent a letter (it was the early 80's) to TMC pointing it out and requesting that they show the old classic. Two or three months later, The Movie Channel aired the old movie for the first time on its service.
vinman63 18 months ago
Don't know much about the movie but the main star was a cross dresser and some thing about the warp.
It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness, takes its toll...........
QazWiz vinman63 18 months ago
you MUST find an active "cast" . . . arrive early to a show (Halloween often has pop-up showings that cast members can initiate virgins) MENTION YOU'RE A (RHSP) VIRGIN ! (very important)

they'll show you the ropes, getting you to give a toast in no time
PeterRoff 18 months ago
The CBS program Cold Case had a Rocky Horror-themed episode featuring Barry Bostwick.
You can watch it on the Roku channel.
BorisK 18 months ago
PS does everyone know that Richard O'Brien, who wrote RH and also plays Riff Raff -- is the voice singing the opening song 'Science Fiction Doiuble Feature'?
RoxieHorror BorisK 18 months ago
But the lips are Patricia Quinn(Magenta) who also originally sang the song during the stage production as a character known as Strawberry Time. She was under the impression that her voiced would also be used for the film, and didn't find out about the change until the screening.
BorisK 18 months ago
9/12. I remember when RHPS came out, a bunch of us went, no one was in the audience. It was empty. I went to Europe for 2 months that summer, came back and it was a mega-hit with lines around the block. Weird.
Dajj 18 months ago
I feel like I am 50 feet tall after getting 10/12! Great music, weird but good movie.
Barry22 18 months ago
10/12, had the soundtrack on LP and later CD. Actually sat through a midnight showing of this back in the 70's and interacting along with the rest of the crowd. Meatloaf's song was the highlight, for me.
AllisonWunderland Barry22 18 months ago
Sure was 😉
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