We can guess your age based on what you think of winter

Do you like the snow or dread it?


Your opinions about winter, love it or hate it, can say a lot about you. Some people love when it gets colder and some people can’t stand temperatures below 60 degrees.

Where do you fall (no pun intended) when it comes to winter? We think we can guess how old you are based on what you say.

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  1. You just came in from the cold, what drink do you make to warm you up?
  2. There’s a blizzard outside, what do you stay in and watch on TV?
  3. It’s just below freezing, what do you wear to go outside?
  4. What's your favorite winter activity?
  5. After a big snowfall, you...
  6. When does winter start for you?
  7. If your driveway gets covered in snow, what do you do?
  8. What's your overall opinion of winter?

We can guess your age based on what you think of winter

Your Result...

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tbrian 2 months ago
Thinks I'm 5 years younger than I am.
JuneMiller 2 months ago
Off by 20 years. Seems to be the theme of this quiz :( Maybe I'm just young at heart.
ruswilinc 4 months ago
47? I haven't been 47 for quite a while now. Methinks your science is a wee bit off, laddie!
melanieofoz 18 months ago
I got 72 and live in a warm climate. I'm much younger and live in a cold climate in the winter. I dread the snow. Every August I pray for spring to hurry back and skip the winters altogether.
Snickers 30 months ago
Says I'm 72. No I'm 64 and still hate winter.
lorenzo24 34 months ago
I love it they say that I’m 47 but I’m actually 14
ThomasMossman 35 months ago
Huh, it actually guessed right, 36.
Tampa 35 months ago
You guessed age 24 but I am 76. I answered truthfully. Back to the drawing board for that test.

Karen 36 months ago
You didn't do so well on this one 65 and I'm 52.
Yolandadiana 36 months ago
Not even close! They said 47! That's 10 years too young!
Coldnorth 36 months ago
How are they able to be that accurate. They picked my age
John111911Smith 37 months ago
I'm 64 and it guessed I was 72. Sheesh, was that a shot? It certainly didn't make me smile. 😩
Lynn579 38 months ago
It was close but not right. It actually said I was two years older!
DeniseandTyrone 38 months ago
24 and I'm 51...... Happy 2021.... LOL
EllisClevenger 39 months ago
You are 72
You love winter because you live in a warm climate!
No, I'm 76.
I live in an area, where low temperature records, are broken, often.
Chad123 39 months ago
It guessed I was 47, I'm really 28.
Jeffyz 40 months ago
They guessed 47, I'm really 64. Have a good new year!
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