The mammoth Perry Mason quiz

Take the stand and prove your TV knowledge!

It is the greatest television legal drama of all time. With a dash of noir and a heap of 1950s style, Perry Mason set the mold for mysteries on the small screen.

We know you still love it. Which is why we're putting your expert Perry knowledge to the test. Enter our virtual courtroom and try to get more than 66% of these questions correct. That's the only way to earn a not-guilty verdict. Good luck!

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  1. Barbara Hale played Perry Mason's secretary. What was her character's name?
  2. Which actor played the role of private investigator Paul Drake?
  3. Raymond Burr originally auditioned for which role?
  4. In what year did Perry Mason premiere?
  5. What network originally aired Perry Mason?
  6. In what city did Perry Mason practice law?
  7. What author wrote the series of Perry Mason detective novels on which the show is based?
  8. Perry Mason's office was located in what building?
  9. How many episodes were there in the original 'Perry Mason' TV series?
  10. In how many episodes does Perry lose a case?
  11. How many episodes were produced in color?
  12. What was the name of Perry's receptionist?
  13. Perry and his team would often meet and eat in what restaurant?
  14. What was the first name of homicide detective Lt. Tragg?
  15. Richard Anderson played a homicide detective named…?
  16. On what night did 'Perry Mason' air during its first five seasons?
  17. What 1960s TV show featured a parody of Perry Mason named "Perry Masonry"?
  18. How many Perry Mason TV movies were made, originally airing between 1985 and 1995?
  19. Raymond Burr appeared in how many of those TV movies?
  20. What two actors starred in the 'A Perry Mason Mystery' movies after Raymond Burr passed away?
  21. Which 'Star Trek' star did NOT appear on 'Perry Mason'?
  22. How many actors in total appeared on 'Perry Mason' over its nine seasons?
  23. Of the 272 murderers depicted on the show, how many were women?
  24. Which famous actor did NOT star in a episode when Raymond Burr had to take a leave from production?
  25. What is the name of the 'Perry Mason' theme song?
  26. Barbara Hale's son starred in which hit 1980s television series?
  27. Hale's son William Katt also appeared in the Perry Mason TV movies. What role did he play?
  28. Which episode was the pilot of 'Perry Mason'?
  29. What did guest stars Dolores Donlon, Dawn Richard and Joan Staley all have in common?
  30. What was the name of law student who helped Perry Mason for a handful of episodes in season five?

The mammoth Perry Mason quiz

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mrshfld6 6 months ago
waltb31 6 months ago
You got 29 out of 30
You got the verdict you were looking for! You won this case!
Mukusthebadd1 14 months ago
Okay you morons!
EllisClevenger 16 months ago
You got 23 out of 30
You got the verdict you were looking for! You won this case!
Perrydebi 18 months ago
Wow as much as I love the PM show, I didn’t realize how Perrydumb I am! Lol
Mukusthebadd1 Perrydebi 14 months ago
I missed half of them.
JoDeMarc 30 months ago
That was a fun quiz - thanks!
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