Try to complete the names of these quirky character actors

Oh, oh, I know that guy! From that show!

We love character actors. Those faces that seem to turn up on just about every classic TV show. 

Oh, oh, that guy. That woman from… oh, what was it? 

Well, it helps when these delightful actors have memorable names. And some of these performers popped out of the credits with their wonderful names.

Try to fill in the blank with some of our favorites.
  1. He had the name of a major city. You've seen him in Mayberry.
  2. This actor appeared on just about every Western, and had a regular role on 'Yancy Derringer.' His first name was a single letter. What was it?
  3. She played a Mayberry denizen named Emma Brand on 'The Andy Griffith Show.' She had the same name as a popular breakfact cereal. What is it?
  4. She was on 'The Twilight Zone.' Her name rhymed. What was it?
  5. She acted with both Shatner and Nimoy — but not on Star Trek. She had the name of gemstone. What was it?
  6. He appeared on a bunch of Westerns and on 'Batman.' What was his name?
  7. She was a regular on 'Room 222' and turned up on 'Good Times' a few times. What was her single hyphenated name?
  8. This fellow was on a bunch of Westerns. His name rhymes.
  9. You can find her on everything from 'Mission: Impossible' to 'Kolchak.' What is her name?
  10. No wonder he was in so many Westerns. He had an awesome cowboy name.
  11. He starred on an obscure sitcom called 'Carter Country.' What was his name?
  12. He was the big man inside creature costumes on Star Trek and Lost in Space. What was his name?

Try to complete the names of these quirky character actors

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rycki1138 66 months ago
10 out of 12
Well done! Your brain is like a phone book of television actors. [Sorry if you don't get the reference, kids.]
I missed #5 and #7.
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