These TV shows all changed their locations — do you remember where?

Where did Lucy, Laverne, Doris and McHale move?


Sometimes, even TV characters get restless. Or, more likely, it is the writers.

Several television shows have surprised viewers with a sudden change of location. Sitcoms relocate in later seasons to shake things up. When your characters are cops or soldiers, sometimes transfers can take them to new settings.

See if you can remember the moves made by the following series…

  1. Laverne & Shirley moved away from Milwaukee in season six. Where did they move?
  2. Lucy and Ricky moved away from the Big Apple in season six. Where did they move?
  3. Gomer Pyle began his Marine career at Camp Wilson in North Carolina, but he spent most of his time in Camp Henderson. Where was that?
  4. In Coach, Hayden Fox leaves Minnesota State for an NFL expansion team called the Breakers. Where is that franchise located?
  5. Saved by the Bell takes place in sunny Southern California, of course. But back in the first season, when it was called 'Good Morning, Miss Bliss,' where did Zach and Screech live?
  6. In the fourth and final season of McHale's Navy, the crew transfers from Taratupe in the Pacific to… where?
  7. You can move decades, too. The first season of Wonder Woman took place in the 1940s. The rest of the series took place in which era?
  8. On The Doris Day Show, Doris Martin moves from a ranch to work at a magazine in the big city. Which city was it?
  9. At the end of the fourth season in T.J. Hooker, Hooker briefly relocates from L.A. to which city?
  10. On Jake and the Fatman, J.L. "Fatman" McCabe moved from L.A. to which state for seasons two and three?
  11. In Boy Meets World, Cory inevitably grows up and attends Pennbrook University. That fictional college is in which state?
  12. In Major Dad, Marine dad Mac MacGillis transfers from Camp Singleton to which camp in season two?
  13. The Seventies detective series Harry O switched locations from San Diego to…?

These TV shows all changed their locations — do you remember where?

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Lacey 21 months ago
11/13 though I guessed right on #5 and then changed my mind. My bad.
EllisClevenger 40 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Did you make the move in one piece? Share your results!
Missed #7 and #11
JewelsChuck 46 months ago
10/13...some shows I didn’t watch.
Evan 46 months ago
5/13. Didn't watch hardly any of these shows.
MikeFranklin 46 months ago
4, 10, 11 equals to 10/13. I knew some of them; 1, 2, 3, 8. The rest were guesses. Interesting quiz.
MrBill 46 months ago
8/13; tough quiz - missed 6, 8, 10, 11 & 12. I did not know any of them and guessed wrong.
Wiseguy 46 months ago
Jake and the Fatman was also set in Hawaii for the first part of the 4th season as well. About a third of the way through the season they moved back to California.
Wendyrm71 46 months ago
Why dont the network have any ethnic shows?
Wiseguy Wendyrm71 46 months ago
Name a classic ethnic program (that no one else has the rights to) you think they should show.
trogg888 46 months ago
only got 7 but except for mchales and coach i hardly watched any of those sub par shows so it was mostly guess work
jholton30062 46 months ago
7/13, and on about half the ones I missed, I should have gone with my first instinct.
ETristanBooth jholton30062 46 months ago
7/13. The only series on this list that I watched all the way through was Lucy.
idkwut2use 46 months ago
6...well, Laverne and Lucy were the only ones of which I was absolutely certain!
CouchPotato987 46 months ago
10 out of 13 isn’t too bad for someone who’s never heard of Harry O or seen the Doris Day Show.
frenchman71 46 months ago
I only got 8/13 but I guessed on every question. The only show I watched that was listed was "Jake and the Fatman".
Barry22 46 months ago
I am claiming 13/13. The Boy Meets World question, the correct answer is PA.
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