Tell us your favorite classic horror ladies and we'll tell you which final girl you are

It's a horrifyingly good time.


In this quiz, the horror ladies of the past meet the horror ladies of the not-so-past. Here, we're asking your opinion about iconic classic horror movie women, and depending on your answers, we'll tell you the Final Girl you're most like!

  1. Choose between these Alfred Hitchcock ladies
  2. Who's your favorite spooky lady?
  3. Choose between these horror movie monsters
  4. Choose your favorite vampire film actress
  5. Favorite 1940s horror film actress
  6. Choose your favorite Dracula lady
  7. Favorite 1950s horror film actress
  8. Favorite 1960s horror film actress
  9. Who's your favorite Stephen King horror lady?
  10. Final question: Do you think that you could make it to the end of a horror movie if you were in one?

Tell us your favorite classic horror ladies and we'll tell you which final girl you are

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Ready2go 8 months ago
I didn't know Sally, either.
CouchPotato987 8 months ago
Who’s Sally Hardesty?
Texas chainsaw massacre survivor
Wenatchee7 8 months ago
Laurie Strode. Now let me go research who half of these ladies are.
Zip 8 months ago
Sally Hardesty. ...ok.

This is one of those quizzes where some pictures of the ladies in question on the questions, might have helped, because for most of them I was like, who?
Rob 8 months ago
I have no idea who most of these people are.
Tresix 8 months ago
I got Sally Hardesty from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I DO like that laugh she gives at the end.
JERRY6 8 months ago
You are Sally Hardesty no idea who she is
Tresix JERRY6 8 months ago
Didn’t you see the poster that popped up when they revealed your Final Girl?
retro6 JERRY6 8 months ago
Same and same. Poster didn’t help either.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 8 months ago
You are Laurie Strode

I don't follow horror movies much, who is she?

I looked through the quiz hoping for a clue but no luck.
I was wondering the same thing, lol
Isn't she played by Jamie Lee Curtis.....Michael Myers sister in Halloween?
AllisonWunderland LabLove 8 months ago
Yes…It didn’t click right away 🙄
RobertK 8 months ago
I'm Laurie Strode, That's OK by me, but I was really hoping for Elvira! Ohh Yeah...
JayBurd 8 months ago
You are Laurie Strode...... At least we're the age.
Bapa1 8 months ago
Sally. Oh well, I get to hang out with Dick and Jane.
Tresix Bapa1 8 months ago
Hardesty, not Rogers.
FLETCH 8 months ago
Laurie Strode!

AllisonWunderland FLETCH 8 months ago
Oh 🤦‍♀️ Halloween! Jamie Lee
harlow1313 8 months ago
I got Jessica, from "Let's Scare Jessica to Death."

I confess to being every bit as cracked as poor Jessica (Zohra Lampert, in an Oscar worthy performance).
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