Tell us how you feel about these dad activities and we'll assign you a classic television father

It's the father of all quizzes.

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We love our television dads, one and all! In this quiz, we're asking for your opinion on all activities popularized by fathers. In return, we'll tell you who your classic television dad is!

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  1. Grilling
  2. Fishing
  3. Checking the oil on a car
  4. Golfing
  5. Growing a moustache
  6. Building a deck
  7. Making your own "mancave"
  8. Waking up early
  9. Not wanting a family pet, but falling in love with them anyway
  10. Dad jokes

Tell us how you feel about these dad activities and we'll assign you a classic television father

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GregYurkon 8 hours ago
Andy Taylor. I don't know what all of the other possibilities were, but Lukas McCain is the only one who even comes close to Andy.
DeannaT 15 hours ago
I answered the questions thinking of my dad and I believe I got them all right. I sure miss my dad, he passed in 1997. Happy father's day in heaven dad 💕 💞 I got Petrie
LalaLucy 16 hours ago
Rob Petrie. Ward Cleaver is my favorite but like Rob a lot, too. Kind of strange questions, though. I can't relate to a lot of them.
scp 17 hours ago
The options did not cover every possible answer, e.g., "I have not done this, but I would like to someday."
CarolKelley 18 hours ago
It seems too many of these questions were for the guys and I'm not talking about the fishing and oil changing ones. What female wants to grow a mustache?
sparkie951 CarolKelley 18 hours ago
By today's standards anyone can be anything you want... If you don't believe me.. Just walk downtown San Francisco and see what is walking around, or just browse the Internet.. A Lady with a Mustache looks better than a Man in a dress! - Even though I don't desire to see either. All comes down to a personal choice!
Jackhammer CarolKelley 7 hours ago
You should be talking fishing and oil changing.. Both male dominated activities
spalding69 18 hours ago
Ward Cleaver!! He was a real stiff. He never even took a drink of hooch.
Crisco 18 hours ago
Your television dad is Andy Griffith
This also means you get to enjoy Aunt Bee's cooking!I'll take Andy but would've rathered Lucas Mccain.and my Wife's cooking is better!😁
Wenatchee7 19 hours ago
As soon as you check love to fish you know you'll get Andy Griffith.
George58 Wenatchee7 18 hours ago
I thought the same thing.
cinamac Wenatchee7 14 hours ago
For fishing, I picked I’ve done this and I loved it and my TV Dad was Rob Petrie!
LynCarrigan 3 days ago
Andy sure tops my real dad. A nice easygoing dad.
sparkie951 LynCarrigan 18 hours ago
I can't say my Dad Tops Andy, but I will say they have a lot in common... Fishing, Hunting, ETC...
cactuskate 4 days ago
I'll take Ben Cartwright anytime!!!!!
Guinness 4 days ago
Rob Petrie is my TV dad. Does that mean Richie is my TV brother. Oh great. At least I'll have a hot TV mom. 😁
SalIanni Guinness 3 days ago
I got Rob too. "A cool Dad for a cool kid". That may apply to you and me but certainly not for Richie.
Ilovereruns 4 days ago
I got Andy Griffith, which is okay I suppose. I was hoping for Ward Cleaver. Mainly because I love that show far more than any other.

Truth be told, someone like Howard Cunningham would probably be the best TV dad to have.
Crisco Ilovereruns 18 hours ago
Forgot about him.
WVsassy 4 days ago
I’m a girl, and i fish and have checked the oil in my car, so I got Andy as a dad, which couldn’t be a better TV dad option! ❤️
cinamac WVsassy 14 hours ago
I fished, as a little girl, with my Dad and 3 older brothers and had to frequently check the oil in my vintage convertible cars(a 1964 Ford Mustang and a 1969 VW Bug), but my TV Dad was Rob Petrie!
Jackhammer WVsassy 7 hours ago
Checking and changing are not the same thing..
Mercer4life49 4 days ago
I'm Andy Griffith. I'll enjoy Aunt Bee's cooking.
Dysall Mercer4life49 4 days ago
What about her kerosene pickles?
sparkie951 Dysall 18 hours ago
Everyone has their Weaknesses... Those Pickles was certainly one of her Weaknesses! But she made great Chicken and a lot other things!
DeniseMarie Dysall 12 hours ago
I don't watch Andy that much...what in the world are kerosene pickles???
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