Sorry, Millennials, you had to live through the '80s to know what these mall stores sold

What could you buy at businesses like Chess King, Hot Sam and Casual Corner?

Welcome, shoppers! You have traveled back in time approximately three decades to the ultimate shopping mall. In your world, all these businesses have gone extinct, but in this quiz, the brand names live on.

There's just one problem. The mall directory is broken. You know how those maps conveniently sorted the stores into categories — apparel, food, electronics, etc? Well, that is all missing. That's where you come in.

We're going to name a bygone mall business. Think you can remember what it sold?

  1. We start with Hickory Farm. What could you buy at Hickory Farms?
  2. What could you buy at K•B?
  3. What was sold at Thom McAn?
  4. You stop at Hot Sam. What are most likely to buy?
  5. What could you buy at County Seat?
  6. What are you most likely to buy at Chess King?
  7. What was Aladdin's Castle?
  8. What kind of stuff would you buy at Casual Corner?
  9. What would you most likely buy at Merry-Go-Round?
  10. What would you most likely purchase from Fanny Farmer?
  11. What kind of rectangular item would you be carrying after a purchase at Babbage's?
  12. You are shopping at J. Riggins. What could you buy?
  13. You pop into Foxmoor. What kind of merchandise is surrounding you?
  14. Finally, you stop at Contempo Casuals. What could you purchase?

Sorry, Millennials, you had to live through the '80s to know what these mall stores sold

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Ariana1978 4 months ago
I was born in '78... and was a mall hopper through most of the 80's and all of the 90's. The ones I wrong were not because I didn't know what I was talking about, its because the franchises were not like McDonalds that were literally everywhere... The 6 of the 14 I got wrong were because they didn't exist in New Orleans where I grew up.
DeniseC061612 4 months ago
7 out of 14. I never heard of half of them where I’m from in New England. Most times I do get some right if I have to guess…not this time!
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 4 months ago
Yes, I lived through the 80s, but never saw some of the stores in this quiz. They probably didn't exist at the few malls I visited during that era.
Hey66 12 months ago
I remember Merry Go Round. That store had all the trendy, cool clothes that teenagers loved. I remember the music in that store was so loud!
Nightshade1972 Hey66 4 months ago
That was the only one I missed. I thought they were a record store, not a clothing store.
Mukusthebadd1 28 months ago
The first six, I did pretty good. After that, I put my blindfold on and fell down the jagged Hill of rocks!
Kiyone57 29 months ago
I never heard of Babbages. I don't remember seeing Fanny Farmer in the malls, but I'd heard of them.
Tstuts Kiyone57 28 months ago
Me either...
nerakr 29 months ago
13/14. Never heard of Fanny Farmer.
jholton30062 29 months ago
12/14. As many malls as I've been in over the years, I never saw Hot Sam or Merry-Go-Round.
Tstuts jholton30062 28 months ago
Never saw a Fanny Farmer but we had Hot Sam’s in Northern Indiana.
PattyHerbst 29 months ago
11 out of 14, and some of these were not located in Minnesota.Go figure.
Allison 29 months ago
11/14 - I never heard of the 3 I missed: Hot Sam, Babbages and J.Riggins
Bubba 29 months ago
14/14 despite being near tears after being reminded of so many pieces of my childhood that are gone forever. Not so much the stores themselves, but these were the places I hung out with so many of my friends who have since passed on.
bmoore4026 29 months ago
9 out of 14. My family went to the mall often in the 80s and 90s and some of these stores I've never even heard of.
MaryHelen 29 months ago
missed 3-- shopped t all the others and I'm a baby boomer-- floppy disc-- did not exist when I shopped at malls back then
DavidBarker 29 months ago
10 of 14...never heard of a couple of these...
boogerdogger DavidBarker 29 months ago
Hell, I never heard of most all of them! 7/14. Surprised at the ones I got right by guessing!!
MrBill 29 months ago
13/14; missed #11 - never heard of Babbage's. I had to guess on several of these even though I lived thru the 80's. If you do not shop at a store than you will not know what it sells.
JKMallaber 29 months ago
Missed the women's clothing ones. As a guy, the only women's clothing place I ever paid the slightest attention to was Victoria Secret. My plan at the mall was ditching the parents in Sears ASAP and heading for Spencer's!
Remember the custom t-shirts? Hundreds of iron-ons in many sizes
and colors! This alien was on the first one I bought.
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