Pick: Would you eat these vintage summer recipes from the Sixties?

Nothing beat the heat like… cold tongue and frozen soup?

Say what you will about food from the 1960s, but it was undeniably creative. People put a lot more effort into party trays and picnics. These clever recipes in the pages of Ladies Home Journal demonstrated how everyday canned goods could transform into colorful sculptures. Sculptures made of mayonnaise, meat and fruit.

Well, yummy is in the eye of the beholder. Below, you will find some summer recipes we snipped from old magazines from the Sixties. You vote if you would eat them or not. 

See how your tastes compare to the rest! And if you're truly curious and ambitious, we included the recipes where we could.
  1. How about just a giant, hollowed out watermelon filled with raspberry sherbet and chocolate "seeds"?
  2. You go to a party and see this beautiful vegetable "bonsai" garden. What do you do?
  3. How about this Potato Salad Pie?
  4. Would you chug a tall, cool glass of buttermilk? It promised to "restore the body's summer-heat losses."
  5. Okay, then how about a "Hoola Coola," a mix of buttermilk, sherbet and food coloring?
  6. How about this Beef Tongue Vinaigrette, made with canned tongue? It's a "Parisian favorite!"
  7. Would you eat these "Corn Bologna Boats" made with canned cream corn?
  8. These "Flower Pot Sandwiches" are cute, no? One has layers of both "Tartar Egg Salad" and "Date Nut Filling."
  9. How about these frozen soup popsicles? There's a chicken curry one, a beef apple one, a Vichyssoise…
  10. Would you take your taste buds on a ride with a Party Hamboat? It has a little cheese sail!
  11. Speaking of the sea, how about this King Crab Pilau made with canned crab?
  12. This is called a "Cheese Aspic Patio Platter." It is made with gelatin, Miracle Whip, olives, shrimp…
  13. Hope you saved room for dessert — more Miracle Whip! This time, the spread is mixed with marshmallows, apricots, cherries and pineapples for the "Party Fruit Freeze."

Pick: Would you eat these vintage summer recipes from the Sixties?

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DarioWiter 46 months ago
46% similar. Interesting! ☺️
Igaveyoumyfakename 61 months ago
The 1960s: Amazing music, horrible food!
Igaveyoumyfakename 61 months ago
Apparently, I would have starved in the 1960s. These recipes are disgusting!
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