Pick: Which extinct breakfast cereal would you bring back?

Will you choose a sugary favorite or go against the grain?

Congratulations! You have just been named the Emperor of Breakfast. Part of the powers of the office include bringing back any bygone cereal you want.

But just one.

Perhaps it is a childhood favorite you miss. Maybe you just like the name or the box. Will you go healthy or sugary? Fruity or grainy? Milk it for all its worth!

See how your selection compares to everyone else's. Don't see your favorite? Let us know!
  1. Pick the one cereal you would most want to bring back to grocery stores.

Pick: Which extinct breakfast cereal would you bring back?

Your Result...

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Amalthea 14 months ago
The only one of my old favorites listed is Puffa Puffa Rice. No Orange Quakeroos; no Vanilly Crunch.
idkwut2use 14 months ago
Well, neither of the correct answers is there (Hidden Treasures or King Vitaman), and I can't decide among 3...Waffelos are probably just like Waffle Crisp, and I'm intrigued by Sir Grapefellow & OJs. But we have fruity cereals, they're just mixed rather than being exclusively one flavor. How did they pick orange and grape to get their own? Guess I can't really pick because I never got to try any of 'em.
boopinbama 32 months ago
I saw quake,but I didnt see quisp,my favorite
Snickers boopinbama 17 days ago
Always loaded up the cereal bowl with Quisp every Saturday morning watching cartoons.
HiDMF 32 months ago
There is a reason these went out. Haha
Mockschnel 32 months ago
I love how Quake is leading by a wide margin . . because people are apparently unaware that it's the exact same cereal as Cap'n Crunch, just pressed into a different shape. Same with Quisp. They're all exactly the same . . .
Amalthea Mockschnel 14 months ago
Yeah, but at least Quisp was bowl-shaped and could hold milk. Tasty-good!
DavidPollison 32 months ago
You left out the most important choice, FREAKIES!
MikeBugal 32 months ago
Who cares what percent my choice agrees with? The question is what cereal would *I* like to see again and not which the majority want.
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