Pick: What would you watch on TV all day on this random Thursday in 1972?

Binge on a nostalgic buffet of game shows, cartoons and reruns.

Picture yourself back in 1972. The date is September 14. It's a Thursday. And we have some great news — you're staying home all day.

Maybe you called in sick, perhaps you're just playing hooky — who knows, it could be a holiday. Whatever the reason, you're parked on the sofa all day, ready to watch hours of television.

Oh, you also live in the New York City area.

What would you watch on TV? Well, we know what was on, thanks to this two-page spread from TV Guide [source: Techspot].

Pick whatever ignites your nostalgia, or something that just looks interesting to you today. Then see how your tastes compares to others!
  1. After taking a nice post-breakfast nap, you turn on the TV at 10am. Choose a channel.
  2. It's now 10:30am, and you have the choice between game shows and reruns.
  3. Okay, what's it going to be at 11am?
  4. At 11:30am, you now have some soaps and cartoons in the mix. What'll you watch?
  5. Okay, it's now noon. Time to fix a yummy lunch, sit on the couch, and watch something new.
  6. Turn the dial at 12:30pm.
  7. Care to change the channel at 1pm? There are plenty of options.
  8. Wow, Seventies TV keeps on giving. Dive into something at 1:30pm.
  9. We're getting deeper into the afternoon. Choose something at 2pm.
  10. There's no way you're tired of TV yet! But perhaps you need a little stretch? Pick something for 2:30pm.
  11. Ah, here's comes the good after-school stuff like cartoons! Pick something at 3pm.
  12. Keep it going with something at 3:30pm.
  13. Okay, everyone else is coming home soon. Pick one last thing at 4:30pm… well, until primetime.

Pick: What would you watch on TV all day on this random Thursday in 1972?

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DeborahRoberts 26 months ago
I'm always torn between picking what I'd likely have watched then and what I'd watch given those choices today. The only one I know for certain is 1 pm. If it was summer, a holiday, or a sick day, I was watching "All My Children." And if ABC hadn't canceled it in 2011, I'd still be watching (actually DVRing) "All My Children" at 1 pm.
ruswilinc 26 months ago
Never can figure if the point is what you would have watched then, or if you had it to do over, what would watch now, or to see how much more similar you can get.
RachelR ruswilinc 26 months ago
To me, the point is, what would my parents have had on and I was forced to watch! 😂
Snickers 34 months ago
80% similar. But back in 1972 there were only the three major networks and PBS to choose from. No Dish T.V or cable stations back then so viewer options were very limited.
MarkElliottSpencer 45 months ago
I got a 76, but truthfully #9 & 10 would have been NON OF THE ABOVE. I picked the Dating Game for 9, becuase it was the least likely to make me sick and Doctors for !0, though I'm guessing it was probably a soap opera, but I've worked in the medical field 38 years and it was the only choice that seemed likely. Wasn't a daytime TV watcher, unless I was staying overnight at my grandparents, who would turn the TV on from when they got up until they went to bed, even though they didn't watch a lot of it during the day. They lived out in the country.
DerekBird 48 months ago
58% similar
58% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 49 months ago
73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
kriss37 49 months ago
That was fun : bringing back childhood memories : I was ten years old in 1972 and scoring only 61% in comparison says a lot about me. I was always different than most of my peers. The big thing I remember was everyone into Perry Mason. I never watched that show until 2018, when I realized how similar it was to Law & Order, one of my all-time favorite cop shows. :)
Josie92 50 months ago
70% similar. The best thing I watched after school was Dark Shadows. I think it was off the air by 1972.
Stephen79 57 months ago
For question #1, I would have watched the Dinah Shore show instead of the other three ...
Kiyone57 57 months ago
Since my actual choices from the TV Guide were not available selections for some, I have to disagree with the result.
Rickey 57 months ago
69% similar
69% similar to the most popular responses
AlexanderMacdougall 57 months ago
No result given and it kept giving credit for choices I didn't make. I'd pick last option and it would say I picked first. These quizzes are a pain in the ass. Every other one seems to be bug-filled
ndebrabant 57 months ago

73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
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