Can you guess the correct rank of major M*A*S*H characters?

Promote yourself to Major M*A*S*H fan if you beat this one!

Everybody knows that M*A*S*H ranks as one of the most popular shows in TV history, but are you big enough a M*A*S*H fan to recognize its famous cast by rank?

Fall in line and prove yourself below. 

Some cast members got promoted. Others remained in the same rank their whole time on the show. 

It's up to you to sort these soldiers into the correct ranks. Good luck!
  1. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye” Pierce
  2. Sherman T. Potter
  3. Walter “Radar” O’Reilly
  4. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan
  5. Henry Blake
  6. Maxwell Q. Klinger got promoted, from Corporal to what?
  7. B.J. Hunnicutt
  8. “Trapper John” McIntyre
  9. Charles Emerson Winchester III
  10. Frank Burns also got promoted, from Major to what?
Can you guess the correct rank of major M*A*S*H characters?

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Kirsten 2 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Captain Hawkeye salutes you!
djw1120 2 months ago
10 out of 10
I thought this was going to be very easy.
I was right.
Anyone who watches "M*A*S*H" would know all these.
The only "curveball" was Frank Burns' promotion, since he was already written out of the show when it came through after Margaret got married.
Geronimo 2 months ago
Not bad for someone who doesnt watch MASH..........................7/10
AndyShick 2 months ago
Could have done this without any options and without the "promoted from____ to what", which makes it even easier. They should have done this, but with lesser-known characters. Granted, I woulda probably gotten those right too
Geronimo AndyShick 2 months ago
In other words you failed
EllisClevenger 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Captain Hawkeye salutes you.
Easy Peasy, rice and cheesy.
Would you consider this a major accomplishment?
TomTerrrific 2 months ago
10/10, Captain Hawkeye salutes you! Aw, twern't nothing. That was easy for anybody who paid attention. The one about Klinger was tricky. He started as a corporal, but he got promoted to sergeant. A lot of people might have missed that.
AndyShick TomTerrrific 2 months ago
but what would they have said? Surely he wouldn't be promoted from Corporal to Captain
CaptainDunsel AndyShick 2 months ago
Well, Radar was a "Corporal Captain" for about 5 minutes. 😉
Barry22 2 months ago
10/10, was Burns promoted when he left?
thedude1500 Barry22 2 months ago
He went nuts and attacked a general while on leave, screaming "Margaret! Margaret!" (Never seen on camera, Linville left the show at the end of the previous season). He was sent home, given a promotion and assigned to a state-side army hospital.
In the movie, Burns goes nuts, strikes McIntyre and gets sent home on a Section 8.
Kudos, on your answer.
However . . .
In the movie, Major Burns attacked Hawkeye. Don't you remember?
Hawkeye asked him about the 'reactions' of Major Houlihan from the night before.
When a microphone had been placed under the cot of Major Houlihan, as she and Major Burns performed some 'close order drills'.
She also gained her nickname 'Hotlips', the same night.
DavidH 2 months ago
Max Klinger was a corporal from season one, episode 4 to season 10 episode 17. So he was a sergeant for only about one and a half seasons.
UTZAAKE 2 months ago
9/10. Foiled by #1.
EllisClevenger UTZAAKE 2 months ago
Never watched the show, huh?
JeffTanner 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 ------------Captain Hawkeye salutes you!
BennAllen 2 months ago
Of course, for Radar, answering "Lt." or "Corporal-Captain" would also have been correct.
garykevinware BennAllen 2 months ago
Corporal-Captain? I don't like it. No, I don't like it at all!
EllisClevenger BennAllen 2 months ago
"Just make me a Corporal. I still need to pay for my mom's electrolysis"
AndrewHass 2 months ago
I was 10/10 but that's because i know MASH so well.
anthony 2 months ago
9/10.I knew the last one was gonna get me.I knew he got Colonel when he went wacko and was sent stateside to a VA hospital.Couldn't remember if it was lieutenant or just regular Colonel though.
teire 2 months ago
9/10. I could have sworn that Hawkeye got promoted to major at some point. Live and learn
Ronnie101 teire 2 months ago
anthony teire 2 months ago
Yeah maybe your thinking of "I Dream Of Jennie",where Tony and Roger get ipromoted from Captains to Majors, I think in the second season.
teire anthony 2 months ago
That might be it! Thank you both. Oh well, it was just a minor major mistake.
CaptainDunsel teire 2 months ago
You will of course be subject to corporal punishment (though in private).
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