Pick a vintage snack from this vending machine and we'll guess your age

Which bygone munchie would you select?

How great would it be if vending machines were also time machine? (Note to self: Send that pitch to Hollywood.) 

We imagined a magical machine that was stocked with all the discontinued snacks of the past. There's just one catch: You only have enough change to buy one thing. And that one thing will predict your age. 

We think.

Here are your options! Was this magical vending machine right or wrong?
  1. You have just enough money for one of the treats from the past. What will you select?

Pick a vintage snack from this vending machine and we'll guess your age

Your Result...

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Lynn 7 days ago
Got me for three years younger. I can live with that!
KevinHartford 12 months ago
Says I'm 58.......I'm actually 60 so pretty close!
DerekBird 19 months ago
For once they were extremely close.
You are 55
Was the machine right or wrong? Remember, it's just a machine. Trying not to bang on it.
I am 56 (I'll be 57 in 2 months and 6 days).
Snickers 22 months ago
Said I was 50 but I'm 64. But heck I'll take the 50.
ShirleyMGulloSmall 34 months ago
I wouldn't want any of them
Me neither. They are off on my age too.
CaptainDunsel 34 months ago
The machine thinks I'm 43. WAY wrong!
What you remember is much different from what you liked.
Kiyone57 34 months ago
They overstated me by a few years. I chose the Fizzies since I had those a few times as a kid in the '60's. The cola flavor was fantastic (at least to a kid's tastebuds).

In recent years I've found Screaming Yellow Zonkers in specialty stores. I bought them on occasion.
Snickers Kiyone57 22 months ago
Man I loved the root beer Fizzies.
Joe 34 months ago
idkwut2use 34 months ago
DUNKAROOS...because a lot of the others look good but those are the ones I used to have all the time. Thought they were still around. *le sob* And yeah, the guess of 30 is approximately accurate (just turned 33. Very much still 13 in virtually every way though.)
cathie424 38 months ago
Reggie bar, right on the money, I'm 50!
JoDeMarc 48 months ago
Thank you for the compliment - I'll be 60 in October......
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