Part three: Pick a band for every letter!

Tell us your favorites, ''N'' through ''T!''

We want to know your favorite band from each letter of the alphabet. It'll be tricky when we get down there to 'X,' and 'Z,' and the like, but until then, persevere, dear reader! Pick a band from each letter, and if your favorite isn't there, just lick "Other." You are then legally obligated (not really) to respond in the comments with your actual choice. 

We've omitted every "the," and every solo artist, so don't expect to see either one here!

Good luck, have fun, and share any feelings in the comments section below!

  1. Pick a band that starts with "N"
  2. Pick a band that starts with "O"
  3. Pick a band that starts with "P"
  4. Pick a band that starts with "Q"
  5. Pick a band that starts with "R"
  6. Pick a band that starts with "S"
  7. Pick a band that starts with "T"

Part three: Pick a band for every letter!

Your Result...

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trogg888 14 hours ago
What the hell kinda stupid quiz is that
Buster0758 8 days ago
My all-time Tom Petty “Free Fallin”
I love Elvis, I love my Mother and America 🇺🇸 too! I love horses, and I’ve always been a good girl!!!!! To bad he walked away from everything that was the best just to free fall into nothing…..Sherry (Fine Wine)
Buster0758 8 days ago
I love Tom Petty: “Here Comes My Girl” especially the guitar. This song reminds me of my Dad watching his girl (my Mom) walking in front of him in her Cherry Red stilettos 👠 and silk nylons during the 60’s. She sure made a mark on him for 54 wonderful years. I salute you Dad. Thanks for your service in Korea!
Buster0758 8 days ago
Three Dog Night: Never been to Oklahoma. No that can’t be right!
Buster0758 8 days ago
How about Ambrosia for “A”?
They were great at the Hard Rock in Tulsa. Made we want to move on every song. All of them were great ones.
Stoney 13 days ago
55%. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Oingo Boingo, Police, Quiet Riot, Rolling Stones, Styx, Train
DebJo70s 14 days ago
When I came to the "S" list, I was all ready to pick Supertramp...wait, there's no Supertramp. 😟 What? That's not right. So I went with Styx. ....should have had Supertramp I thought.
Tresix DebJo70s 13 days ago
There was a button for “Other”. You didn’t have to limit yourself to what was shown.
Stoney Tresix 13 days ago
True, but I think there's a natural inclination to go with what's listed...for me, anyway.
SalIanni 14 days ago
My favorites - including a few under "Other": N - Nobody. O - Osmonds P - Partridge Family (should be on MeTv!!!) Q - Nobody R - Roxette S - The Supremes T - Turtles
raddad 14 days ago
Can’t believe that they included The Traveling Wilburys. One of my all time favorites!
Jeffrey 14 days ago
"48% similar" ------48% similar to the most popular responses"
JHP 14 days ago
50% ter:)

so many choices for myself - for me it depends on the day and what trips my tympanum
Zip 15 days ago
27% similar.
I didn't want to pick "Other" for every question, so I chose the least objectionable for most of these. Though I wouldn't have to think about that on #'a 1 and 3 since they had The Police and New Order on there.
I did choose "other" on the "S" one because I couldn't think of any band except The Smiths for that one.
Zip Zip 15 days ago
Don't know where that "a" came from. Maybe Fonzie was in town.
illinifh 16 days ago
O is Ozark Mountain Daredevils!!!
Bapa1 illinifh 15 days ago
Saw them in 1974 opening up for Skynerd and The Doobies. They were good.
JERRY6 16 days ago
40 percent similar to many good bands hard to pick just one for each letter ,, be better if they had pick your top 3 in each letter
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