Only the biggest M*A*S*H fans can beat this ultimate character trivia quiz

As Potter once said, "If you aren't Klinger, who the Sam Hill are you?"

The ensemble cast on M*A*S*H is a truly significant entry in TV history and pop culture at large. These characters evolved from the versions seen in the M*A*S*H movie and books to become their own complex personalities that made for some of the best TV ever and drew some of the biggest TV audiences ever.

Did you watch as these characters grew over 11 seasons of M*A*S*H? We laughed and cried, as these characters shared their stories and went through some of life's biggest ups and downs. 

If you think you can remember every last detail on this cherished TV cast, do your best below. Only the biggest fans can score 18/21. Good luck!

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  1. Sleeps with teddy bear.
  2. Given nickname by father.
  3. Marries and divorces while in camp.
  4. Is an amateur boxer.
  5. Played football at Dartmouth College.
  6. Is one-quarter Cherokee.
  7. Never meets his son.
  8. Won’t divorce wealthy wife.
  9. Devoted to his wife Peg.
  10. Graduated from Harvard.
  11. Huge fan of Toledo Mud Hens.
  12. Huge fan of horses.
  13. Huge fan of superhero comics.
  14. Once dated Audrey Hepburn.
  15. Hometown Crabapple Cove.
  16. Had a private practice in Bloomington, Illinois.
  17. Born in Army base hospital.
  18. Went to Stanford University.
  19. Twice applied (and failed) for Purple Heart.
  20. Has a sister named Kathy.
  21. Stays in Korea after the war.

Only the biggest M*A*S*H fans can beat this ultimate character trivia quiz

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TijuanaSlim 19 months ago
Klinger's Divorce
Audrey Hepburn
Hawkeye's Alma Mater

are the three that threw me...

I Knew Klinger got Married, to a Korean Woman, towards the end of the show and was under the impression he brought her home for 'AfterMash' when/who was the Divorce? (or was one of his Hardship pleas for Discharge a Legitimate Dear John)

Mash Being a 70s show, set in the 50s, that I watched in the 90s, my scale of Time was off

I guess I never learned or retained this bit... I only Knew/Guessed Trapper/Dartmouth because of the Football plot in the Film
Gary 19 months ago
Frank got a purple heart, it was given to a new born baby. Only question missed.
RedSamRackham Gary 19 months ago
* And Frank's other purple heart was given to Ron Howard! ☺
candybaroque 24 months ago
21/21! i need to do something else with my time dont i?
DerekBird 34 months ago
You got 20 out of 21
Potter salutes you!
DerekBird DerekBird 34 months ago
I missed #3 (trick question).
ndebrabant 34 months ago
You got 21 out of 21
Potter salutes you!
JimB 34 months ago
Perfect score. I watch too much M*A*S*H.
sandman 34 months ago
21/21. But the theme song “Suicide Is Painless” is stuck in my head!
Cowgirl 36 months ago
You got 21 out of 21
Potter salutes you!
TexasGreek 37 months ago
You got 21 out of 21
Potter salutes you!
djw1120 41 months ago
19 out of 21
I missed #'s 3 (I clicked on Margaret's name before I saw Klingler's and the word both) and # 6
(I clicked on Hawkeye because I never knew that Col. Potter was part Indian).
TijuanaSlim djw1120 19 months ago
the T is for Tecumseh IIRC... (and while that applies to his Civil War namesake as well, I assumed it would have been overkill both in universe and this side of the 4th wall to double down on the 'honor' w/o a secondary reason
Rickey 42 months ago
You got 20 out of 21
Potter salutes you!_
DavidHanes 42 months ago
Both Radar and Potter liked horses. Both Radar and Charles liked comic books. Klinger only stayed for a little while after war.
djw1120 DavidHanes 41 months ago
Yes, Radar and Potter liked horses, but Charles never liked comic books.
Klingler stayed after the war to help his (new) wife - Soon-Yee look for her parents after they were forced from their village after it was bombed.
Larry 42 months ago
Only the biggest M*A*S*H fans can beat this ultimate character trivia quiz
You got 18 out of 21 :(
EllisClevenger 44 months ago
You got 21 out of 21
Potter salutes you!
#19 - Frank Burns received one Purple Heart for being injured in a war zone.
He was injured by a shell fragment. An egg shell fragment cracking a 3 minute egg.
His Purple Heart was taken, by Hawkeye Pierce, and given to a Korean newborn.
The Korean newborn had received a bullet wound, after his mother had been shot while carrying
him, before giving birth in the camp.
Please, MeTV, fix the erroneous question.
Oh, and don't mess with canon.
Cynthia 45 months ago
I got 19 out of 21. Bonus if you remember who Radar's favorite comic book hero is.
titansrst317 48 months ago
21 of 21. I am the Ultimate Masher. Greatest show in history. Favorite scene was Klinger dressed as Statue of Liberty as Gen. McArthur rolls by,

djw1120 titansrst317 41 months ago
If you were the "Ultimate Masher" as you say, then you will know that it was Radar dressed as General MacArthur.
He's lucky he wasn't court-marshalled for impersonating a general officer.
EllisClevenger djw1120 38 months ago
If you were the "Ultimate Masher", as you imply, then you would know better.
Yes, Radar dressed as General MacArthur, for the REHEARSAL.
General MacArthur showed up EARLY, and saluted the Statue of Liberty (Max Klinger), as he was driven out of the camp. His, General MacArthur's, feet never touched the ground. Just a quick inspection drive through the camp.
You're lucky you aren't being court martialed for an egregious wrong, and spelling.
DaveBunzel 48 months ago
20 of 21. Even though I got the answers they had two horrible questions: Radar is also a fan of horses, and it's his love of them that brings Sophie to Potter. Burns twice RECEIVED the Purple Heart, they were just both stolen from him by Pierce/Trapper/BJ to give to those they felt were more deserving.
JeffTanner 48 months ago
I got 19 right and 2 wrong. Got 3 & 14 wrong.
legion1a 48 months ago
I clicked on number three too soon, I missed that it had a "both" option!
Gosh darn it!
Oh well, at least Potter still saluted me!
That's the only thing that really matters in life!
My life's ambition has been satisfied!
I pity those poor folks who only got 19/21!
Angela825 legion1a 27 months ago
I did the same thing on number 3.
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