Live like a cowboy for a day and we'll tell you which Western town you're destined to be the sheriff of

Giddy up!

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Howdy partner! You'd better get ready to saddle up because in this quiz, you get to live a day like a cowboy.

Once you've moseyed your way through these quiz questions, we'll be assigning you a new job: Sheriff of your favorite fictional western town. Be sure to answer honestly; cowboys never lie!

  1. Every good cowboy needs a hat. Pick one
  2. You'll also need a cowboy shirt. Pick one out here.
  3. No cowboy is complete without a mighty steed. Choose your horse.
  4. Are you going to have a sidekick?
  5. What kind of cowboy are you?
  6. A mysterious stranger rides into town. What do you do?
  7. You find out that there's a bounty on the head of a local man. How do you proceed?
  8. How are you settling all of your arguments?
  9. What's your cowboy catchphrase?
  10. You thought you were done picking an outfit, didn't you? No way! Finish your look off with one of these vests!

Live like a cowboy for a day and we'll tell you which Western town you're destined to be the sheriff of

Your Result...

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tbrian 20 days ago
You're the new sheriff of Dodge!
AnnieM 3 months ago
New Sheriff of Stockton here - (dashes off for a close interrogation of Nick Barkley)
Beatseeker 4 months ago
mayberry? all those cowboy things for nothin??
OldtruckTommy 4 months ago
Sheriff of Mayberry, I was always said that was my dream job. Low pressure, Aunt Bees cooking, although it would be tough to have to bust up a moonshine still 😉
LarryMMM 4 months ago
New Sheriff of Stockton? Well introduce me to Miss Audra Barkley please....
KellyO 4 months ago
New Sheriff of Stockton so I get to see the Barkley Boys!!! Well Yeee Haw!
ElwooodBlues 4 months ago
What does Mayberry have to do with anything out West?!
MikefromJersey 4 months ago
"You're the new sheriff of Mayberry! You'll have a great deputy in Barney Fife!"

First off, I'm putting Grumpy Crumpy on the train to southern Missouri where
Petticoat Junction is with it's colorful neighbors such as Arnold Ziffel and Mr. Drucker.
In exchange they will send Arnold, Opie needs a nanny and he will be a lot more fun
than dour, dreary, Helen. Besides, Mrs. Douglas taught Arnold how to make hotcakes,
Mercer4life49 4 months ago
I'm the Marshal of Dodge City. Now you get of town and I mean Kansas as well!
MommaManx 4 months ago
Now that I am the new Sheriff of Dodge City, it’s time to head out of Dodge! What fun.
Charlotte 4 months ago
Stockton sheriff and Victoria Barkley can be my deputy. No one tougher than her!
kahounaman 4 months ago
I will have to keep Barney locked for his own protection and my sanity!😁
IndianaRockz 4 months ago
As Stockton's new sheriff, my 1st order of business will be arresting & thoroughly frisking Heath Barkley.
As your deputy, I better pat down Audra as well, those Barkleys are a tricky bunch.
brigarzmetv123 4 months ago
I'm the new sheriff in town!! Now get out of Dodge!!! 10 out of 10 Yahoo!!
Wendy57 4 months ago
I’m the new sheriff of Mayberry.
Maybe that should be the new SHE-riff of Mayberry. I’m actually ready for the challenge.
That would’ve made an interesting episode. 🤔
theFAN2000 4 months ago
New sheriff of Stockton. Well schucks, I ain't never done watched The Big Valley.
TammyMeador 4 months ago
You're the new sheriff of Dodge!
Marshal Dillon is passing the saddle to you!
CaptainDunsel 4 months ago
"You're the new sheriff of Stockton!"

No - a little too close to 'Frisco for me, kid.
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