Is this an episode of The Big Valley or a John Denver song?

Do you know the difference between “The Eagle and the Hawk” and “Cage of Eagles”?


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The adventures of the Barkley brothers, their sister Audra and matriarch Victoria never fail to entertain. The ranching family from The Big Valley deals with outlaws, wild animals, the elements and more over the show’s four seasons. Some scenes are laugh out loud funny while others are deadly serious.

The titles of each episode reflect the creativity and variety that went into each installment. Speaking of creativity, country artist John Denver was more than just a singer, he was a true storyteller.

We’ve combined Denver’s songs with titles from select Big Valley episodes. Can you guess which is which?

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  1. "Back Home Again"
  2. "Wagonload of Dreams"
  3. "Rocky Mountain High"
  4. "Wild Montana Skies"
  5. "Night in a Small Town"
  6. "Some Days Are Diamonds"
  7. "Cage of Eagles"
  8. "My Son, My Son"
  9. "Dreamland Express"
  10. "Under a Dark Star"
  11. "Boots With My Father’s Name"
  12. "The Eagle and the Hawk"
  13. "By Fires Unseen"
  14. "The Cowboy and the Lady"
  15. "Brother Love"

Is this an episode of The Big Valley or a John Denver song?

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pamelanichting 1 month ago
I got 12 of 15 right not to shabby if I say myself.
Mark 8 months ago
15 out of 15. Familiar with both Denver's songs and BV titles.
Croft1 9 months ago
10 of 10. Knew John and dearly miss him. He's still out flying with the eagles.
JeffPaul76 12 months ago
"You got 10 out of 15" ------"Some quizzes are diamonds, some quizzes are stone. How did you do?" ----I got 4, 8, 9, 11, & 12 wrong.
Sachelle 31 months ago
11/15. I guessed most of it.
leebillyold 31 months ago
14/15 missed #11
JeffPaul76 leebillyold 12 months ago
What, Are they funeral flowers, or for Mother's Day?
Coldnorth 32 months ago
Hanging my head in shame again. Only got 8 right
Supercat58 32 months ago
13 of 15, although about half were guesses.
dmarkwind 32 months ago
14/15 and I've never seen an episode of "The Big Valley!"

MijiMo 32 months ago
15/15...always a huge fan of both!
BobDonovan 32 months ago
12/15 Not bad for someone who isn't much of a fan of either
TSeym22 32 months ago
13/15 #1 and #5 threw me. Wasn't much of a Big Valley fan but love John Denver.
Wendy57 32 months ago
Loved John Denver.
Great writer and beautiful voice.
My first live concert at the Cow Palace in SF.
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