Is this a shot from The Andy Griffith Show or another TV show?

Can you tell the color episodes apart from other 1960s classics?


The Andy Griffith Show had a bold new look in its sixth season — full color! The final three years of the beloved sitcom showed Mayberry in a new light. Opie was growing older, new characters were introduced, Aunt Bee tried new hobbies. 

It takes a true fan to know these later episodes. The Andy Griffith Show started to look like a lot of other late-Sixties television.

Let's see if you can tell which images are from The Andy Griffith Show… and which are a different series entirely!

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  1. Let's get this quiz off to a flying start. Is this The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. Try not to rush. Is this The Andy Griffith Show?
  3. How about this scene?
  4. No horsing around — is this Mayberry?
  5. Is Jack Nicholson in Mayberry?
  6. Is this community band playing on The Andy Griffith Show?
  7. Are these characters on The Andy Griffith Show?
  8. Is this The Andy Griffith Show?
  9. Is this a moment from season seven of The Andy Griffith Show?
  10. Is this little cowboy in Mayberry or a different city?
  11. This band is about to rock which show?
  12. Is this a Mayberry scene?
  13. Is someone from Mayberry stuck in this sleeping bag?
  14. Is Ron Howard playing Opie here?
  15. Is this strongman in Mayberry?
  16. Hmm… is this a scene from TAGS?

Is this a shot from The Andy Griffith Show or another TV show?

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Joyce 49 months ago
Probably because May is MAYberry month and June will probably be Beaver month because of JUNE Cleaver. Even if I am wrong, TAGS is the best! Be patient- other quizzes will be up soon. 16/16
GregLemieux 49 months ago
13/16, Mostly I missed the ones that were from TAGS. I did recognize #14 though. That is an excellent episode of the series. One of my favorites.
Craigg 50 months ago
You got 16 out of 16
You are quite the learned fan! Well played!
Runeshaper 50 months ago
11/16 - didn't watch this show and can we please get some quizzes for The Munsters, Get Smart, Alf, etc.? That would be nice.
David 50 months ago
7 was a poor question. The were characters on a fictional Hollywood production of Andy not on the actual Andy Griffith Show . . . ambiguous.
Muleskinner 50 months ago
15/16. Missed # 10. I thought that little cowboy might be Leon.
pattysdaughter 50 months ago
11 out of 16 . Was so proud of my self for recognizing eb’s (green acres) plaid jacket in the band scene . Then it went down hill from there.
MikefromJersey 50 months ago
15 of 16.
Which also is the ratio of bad Barnaby Jones to barely decent ones. One or two decent shows a year.
Please MeTV guys, get rid of the stinker Barnaby Jones. PU. The studio probably made Jones a package deal, to get Cannon you had to take old, tired BJ with a lead too bored to bother acting.
Shame on you Ebsen, wherever you are.
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