Is this a M*A*S*H character or a person who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Oh say, can you see that M*A*S*H character?

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In this quiz, you've got to tell us whether the name we've listed is a character on M*A*S*H or someone who signed the Declaration of Independence.

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  1. William Whipple
  2. Thomas McKean
  3. Sherman Potter
  4. Samuel Flagg
  5. Button Gwinnett
  6. Zelmo Zale
  7. John Witherspoon
  8. George Ross
  9. Samuel Chase
  10. Benjamin Franklin

Is this a M*A*S*H character or a person who signed the Declaration of Independence?

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Ready2go 8 days ago
8/10.#10 is a trick question. His name was B.F PIERCE, not Benjamin Franklin.
LynCarrigan 12 days ago
Gotta know who in the world is Button Gwinnet, signer of the Decloration of Ibdependence??
WordsmithWorks 13 days ago
10/10. MeTV tried to get clever with #10. Didn't work.
nd1irish 13 days ago
Coincidentally, George Ross was called ‘Ferrit Face’ by Benjamin Franklin. 🪶🇺🇸
JHP 13 days ago
got to go and buy a flag (at discount) 8-10! Yankee doodle
lmahabhashyam 13 days ago
10/10 it’s very hard to trick me on M*A*S*H or American History. I love them both.
Wendy57 14 days ago
Better than I thought that I’d do.
djw1120 15 days ago
The problem with number 10 is that on M*A*S*H he was Captain "Benjamin Franklin Pierce", not just Benjamin Franklin.
Otherwise, 9 out of 10.
But I still got number 10 right. I only missed number 2. I have no idea who "Thomas McKean" is - either on M*A*S*H or signing the Declaration.
CrumblyCrunchies 15 days ago
8/10 last two were just waiting for me
MikefromJersey 15 days ago
"You got 10 out of 10. Nice job!"
Button Gwinnett's signature is one of the rarest and sought after ever.

Zelmo Zale(question 6) is one of the worst written, poorly conceived characters in TV history.
It's amazing he came from the creative writing team at MASH.
And the cruddy actor portraying Zale seemed to be channeling Huck Finn's poor trash daddy, only
more repellent, an insult to any person from Cajun Louisiana.
Zale tossing disarmed grenades at officers was not a laugh riot to me, doing so ruined the last
regular 30 minute episode of MASH. It made no sense, he would have been hauled off by the MP's
and gotten a 20 year stretch at Fort Leavenworth.

Zale makes even the choice of Helen "Grumpy" Crump as Andy's true love look good, even though
she had no comedic chops, rarely smiled, and had no "rhythm" with any of the actors on set.
Andy should have married that nurse with the honeyed Georgia drawl, her name escapes me right now,
but she fit right in with the people of Mayberry. I think she was Tatum O'Neal's mother?

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