Is this a dance from the 1960s or did we make it up?

Are we grooving or just pulling one over on you?

It's time to head on down to the dancefloors of yesteryears and have a good time! We'll give you the dance's name, and it's your job to decide if it's an actual dance that originated in the 1960s, or if we just made it up to try and trick you!

  1. Disco Finger
  2. The Snapping Turtle
  3. The Funky Chicken
  4. The Hustle
  5. The Whisk
  6. Train Conductor
  7. The Bump
  8. The Bus Stop
  9. The Funk Staircase
  10. The Cascade

Is this a dance from the 1960s or did we make it up?

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Geronimo 17 days ago
Is this a dance from the 1960s or did we make it up?
You got 9 out of 10
You hustled hard and aced it!
gockionni 18 days ago
7/10 but they got the wrong decade for the disco dances, e.g. the hustle and the bump. Never heard of the disco finger - was that John Travolta’s move from Saturday Night Fever (‘70’s)? 60’s dances were more like the twist, the pony, the mashed potato and the madison. Hey, I may be old but my memory ain’t that bad, especially when it comes to dancing.
abuadamin gockionni 18 days ago
You’re 100% right
WallyYoureNotHelping 19 days ago
Baby, baby, when you do The Twist
Never, never do you get yourself kissed
'cause you're always dancin' far apart
The Watusi, girl, is-a really smart

Wah-a, wah, wah-a Watusi
C'mon and take a chance and get-a with this dance
RicardoShillyShally 19 days ago
Most of those dances were from the 70s, not the 60s. Where's the Twist?
Biggierat 19 days ago
The Hustle and The Bump were dance moves from the 70’s. I know because they were both popular during my teenage years.
jholton30062 19 days ago
9/10. The Train Conductor was a tossup, and I chose the wrong one...
pugsleyaddams 19 days ago
What about "The Watusi" or"The Froog" (sp?) or "The Freddie", a modified stationary "jumping-jack" where both arms went up and down while alternating leg "kicks". Let's see Britney Spears do that. It'd be career ending.
daDoctah pugsleyaddams 18 days ago

A couple of decades later we get Pink Lady and the doofy choreography on their song "UFO".
Kevin 19 days ago
You got 4 out of 10
Uh oh! Maybe practice your moves and give it another try!
Makes sense, I don't dance.
Tresix 20 days ago
9/10, missed Disco Finger. A good number of these dances were from the Seventies.
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