How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode 'Twenty Two'?

Do you remember what happened in "Twenty Two"?

The Twilight Zone is one of those legendary shows that'll take you through many emotions.

In one episode, you might find yourself hiding under a blanket; in another, you'll almost find yourself shouting at the television screen. Whichever type of fan you are, many of the episodes find themselves etched in your mind forever.

With many frightening seasons to choose from, it's normal to find yourself forgetting some of the earliest episodes. Yet, it's a piece of cake if you're one of those fans who are big on details. In season two, episode 17, "Twenty Two," there's a lot of dreaming, preventing the main character from comprehending what's real and what is not.

Do you remember what happened?

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  1. What was Liz Powell in the hospital for?
  2. What was her nickname?
  3. What was her profession?
  4. What did Liz have nightmares about?
  5. What's the line she heard in her nightmare?
  6. What's the order of her nightmare?
  7. What did the doctor suggest Liz do?
  8. What city is Liz travelling to after she leaves the hospital?
  9. What's her flight number?
  10. What happened to the plane after takeoff?

How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode 'Twenty Two'?

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McGillahooala 5 months ago
7/10. That’s one of the few episodes that were filmed using a different process. They are visibly different.
ironman2000 5 months ago
10 of 10 One of my favorite TZ'S
SheriHeffner 5 months ago
This is one of my favorite episodes.
SheriHeffner 5 months ago
9 out of 10. I didn't know where Liz was going on the plane
BrianMoore 5 months ago
7 out of 10. One of the top ten classic episodes. And it was great how it was shot.
cmsgtjrk 5 months ago
This was easy 10 out of 10; this was and still is my favorite twilight zone episode
Pacificsun 5 months ago
I never remembered it by name, until someone here made the comment. But actually, regarding which is the scariest TZ episode, I think this one is. From one cold stark reality to the non-reality (perhaps). What could be more frightening in concept. I also didn't notice Arlene Martel as the (so-called) Morgue Nurse. I must've switched off by the time they were just wheeling her in. I'd had enough!
KingDinosaur Pacificsun 5 months ago
A companion episode would be "Perchance to Dream" which also includes a reoccurring dream, a doctor rationalizing the experience, and a creepy brunette female who dominates the dream cycle.
retro6 5 months ago
6/10 only because it was so freaking scary to watch this episode for me when I was younger and I probably was to afraid to pay that close attention!🥴
CaptainDunsel 5 months ago
I missed #3, #7 and #8.
Anyone who missed #9 just doesn't watch the Twilight Zone.
JDWJDW2 5 months ago
I love this episode just because of the surprise ending. I also enjoy seeing Johnathan Harris as the doctor, Arlene Martel as the nurse/stewardess and Weslet Lau as the ticket agent. Arlene Martel would later be seen on Hogan's Heroes as the sexy Agent Tiger.
CaptainDunsel JDWJDW2 5 months ago
Not to mention in "Star Trek" as Spock's wife, T'Pring, as well as "The Outer Limits" as Consuelo Biros, alongside Robert Culp in the spooky "Demon With A Glass Hand", just two among many many other TV appearances.
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 5 months ago
You know, they REALLY should do a story on her!

But I would hate to have to catch up with via her obituary story. That was very sad, having met her, and her roles being so prolific throughout classic TV.
CaptainDunsel Pacificsun 5 months ago
Where did you meet her?
KJExpress 5 months ago
9/10. I forgot which city she was heading to.
MrsPhilHarris 5 months ago
6/10 I thought I would have remembered more of the episode. 🤔
"Always room for one more right answer, honey."
Sway 5 months ago
7/10. Unfortunately, this episode come to mind when I fly.
Big3Fan 5 months ago
I didn't remember it at all, but did surprisingly well. Only seven, in the Twilight Zone.
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